Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Max 1, Jello 0

When will I ever learn.

When will I ever remember.

I must not put things that have any food value into a garbage can that can be accessed by Max the Canine Food Detector.

 IMG_1203 IMG_1199 Oh Alpha Male I am sorry. But I could not help myself.


  1. Maxi! Bad dog! Yet, super lovable. I love how he won't even look at the camera.

    I've seen that look before.

    "Ramsey! Did you do the boot-scoot on my freshly steamed cream colored carpet?!"

  2. Hahaha! Lucy the cat here. Maxmaxmax you are a smartsmart dog! I need to learn ur trick so I can snag me some chockylate. Then we both need to be learned how to put evidence in hiding place.

  3. The look of shame .....

    I don't buy it though.

  4. Max! If they insist on blaming you for every garbage can incident, why, then, come live with me! That'll teach 'em! Here, Max! Here!

  5. I admire Max's nonchalant, "who . . . me?" demeanor. Sort of like a "caught with your paw in the cookie jar" look.

  6. Once when our Lab was a puppy, she got ahold of a plastic jar of peanut butter.
    Labs are great chew-ers, and they LOVE peanut butter. You can just imagine the end of this story, huh?

  7. LOL! I made the mistake of putting our newspaper to recycle on top of our dogs kennel. She discovered them a few days later and the next morning, she had made herself a nest... Didn't think to grab the camera tho. Smart thinking!


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