Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2010 Knitterly Review

Sorry. I promise that this will be the last post that references a year that is already gone. It is just that the NAME on the blog is “Stop Her She’s Knitting” and I just felt like I hadn’t really told you all of the things that I actually knit this year……

And some things that I started and have YET to finish.

Isn’t that always the way with knitters. There are always UFOs hanging around.

UFOs as in Unfinished Objects not UFOs as in something that they study at Area 51.

But I digress

Does that come as a surprise to you? It shouldn’t.

So, this is the list of the things that I managed to knit in 2010.

Bamboozled “Bamboozled” which were knit for Roots and Rings because you need happy socks to wear to a happy event.

Hurstling sweater Also knit for Roots and Rings or more precisely for the “Little Hurstling” I loved the football buttons and knew that I had to use them.

IMG_0276A“Lavender Dreams”

 Zauerball“Zauerball” Sorry about the photo quality on this one. I am not sure what happened.

img_5524A                                          “Deb’s Ugly Trekking Socks”.
But they sure are warm! 

img_5996                                           “Sparkly Heels and Toes”.
These were for my Momma.

IMG_6949“See How They Sparkle!”
These are the companions of “Sparkly Heels and Toes”. I have them on my feet right now.

IMG_9209A“Fall is Here..Almost!”
This is actually the Cookie A pattern “Glynis”. I am going to have to knit this one again.

IMG_9206AIMG_9178A These two hats were knit for Emilie Beth Photography. I am working on some for Valentines day.

 Do Overs in Knitting                                          “There are Do-overs in Knitting”  
These were actually socks before. One of the first pairs of socks that I ever knit actually….and they were HUGE on me. And I hated them. So I frogged them back and reknit them. And everyone is now happy.

IMG_9063A                                                      “Koolhaas”
A knit a long with the group

IMG_9129A                                     Gyffindor Scarves #1,2 and 3
Yes, I knit THREE of these in six weeks. I will NEVER EVER knit it again.

IMG_8891A                                                  “Peanut’s Dreams of Cocoa”
Knit for Dandy over at Spontaneous Clapping.

IMG_7324  “Nutkin”

img_5605                                     “Mother of the Bride” shawl.
Cuz that is what I was. And I needed it. And I love it. And I will make it again…but I will definitely use more life lines.

Diagonal Hat 1 IMG_8358Diagonal Hat 2 IMG_8360 These were all projects done for our TCK Charity Project.

SoyBean                                                       SoyBean Socks.
I love this pattern and must do it again.

Papa's Warm Head Hat                                               Papa’s Warm Head Hat.
I must also have one of these for myself.

IMG_0186                                        Gryffindor Socks.
Cuz if you have a Gryffindor scarf you need socks to match.

Foreign Coorespondents                                           Foreign Correspondent’s Scarf
For my Momma for Christmas.

I THINK that is all.

I am tired just looking at all of it. And you should see the project that I am going to take on as soon as the pattern and yarn come.

I am crazy!

And I didn’t even show you the UFO’s that are hanging around.


  1. Girly!
    You are a "knitting johnson!" I especially love your "lavender dreams" socks and your Koolhaus Hat, which I believe came out waaaay better than mine. I was planning on doing "nutkin" socks; did you enjoy that pattern?

  2. Beee-u-teee-ful! So many pretty knitted things. I love the socks - well, being a knitted sock junkie, I would! You have inspired me. Thanks, I need that!

  3. Hey Kathy- I loved Nutkin. Easy pattern and they fit like a dream.

  4. I am very impressed with your knitting talent! You have so many talents :)

  5. I love the "Nutkins" - beautiful colors too!! I must must must learn from you how to do socks this year. My newest resolution!!! You simply amaze me sweet friend.

  6. Your knitting talent is amazing. I love the colors and designs you use. I can't knit at all but was the recipient of my dear Grandma's slippers for many years. I did learn to "crohook" in the late 70's and made a scarf and hat...

  7. In point of fact . . . as this is written I'm enjoying a warm head here at the cottage while wearing my nice, new red knitted hat (same one as pictured in your blog post).

  8. I've got tons of UFO sewing projects myself. I'm really impressed with how much you knitted last year!!! I can only knot my shoe strings...

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  10. Sticking your tongue out at us . . . you really crack me up! ROFLMAO . . .


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