Friday, January 14, 2011

7 Quick Takes (Vol 100!!!)


Well, another week has gone by. And here we are again on Friday. And again it snuck up on me. I was under the impression for most of the day yesterday that it was Wednesday not Thursday. Sigh. Remember, after reading my measly thoughts click on the pic above to be whisked, at the speed of the rapidly mounting snow pile at the end of my driveway, over to Conversion Diary to read the rest of the Quick Takes.

Well, we are back to being “empty nesters” around here. Enjoyed having all the progeny home at one time or another over the holidays…..

But I also enjoy having my nice quiet house back.

But that doesn’t mean that I don’t miss Cartoon Girl, TMO and TSiL and Shoe Queen.

It just means that I don’t have to do NEARLY as many dishes.

It continues to snow here at Chez Knit. Snow and snow and snow. And now Forbes has conveniently told us that we are #2 in snowiest places in the US, right behind Denver which gets 60 inches of snow a year. Ummmmmmm, I don’t know where they are measuring but I can tell you this, here at Chez Knit we are flirting with 60 inches of snowfall ALREADY this season and we still have at least two more months of snowfall to go.

Snow and snow and snow and snow

It is that time of year again. I don’t make New Years resolutions but I do make knitting goals. I look through my “stash” and think about what I want to knit and then make a list.

Because, as they taught me in nursing school, if you don’t write it down then it wasn’t done.

I AM going to finish that sweater this year. Why is knitting sweaters so dadgum intimidating to me. I crank out socks left and right and I think those are probably more difficult.

I raise my fist, in my best imitation of Scarlett O’Hara, and say, “As the knitting god is my witness I’ll never me intimidated by knitting sweaters again.”

There now I feel better.


DAQ and Ann SchoenherrSee, I told you that I found a whole bunch of old pictures on my external hard drive. This is my cousin Anne. We are squeezing the kitties. Don’t you just love the smell of kittens. I wish I had one right now.

That so isn’t going to happen.

And Anne always was more well mannered than I. She is gently holding the kitten. Me, I have a squeezing death grip on the poor thing.

We are definitely going to have another installment of Pictures From The Crypt.

Oh yes, going back to #3. One of my knitting “resolutions” was to knit from my stash this year. I don’t have a huge stash, not like this lady that is for sure.

That resolution lasted about, ummmmmmmm, 3 days.

I bought yarn.

IMG_1174There is a reason I bought all this yarn. I swear that there is! I will tell you about it next week. And just so that I am totally honest with all of you. There yarn that you see in this picture? That is only about half of the total. There is another layer of yarn.

And it is lovely and soft and squishy and I can hardly wait to cast on.

I made rye bread for the first time ever this week. I thought, after it had been kneaded and was put in to rise that it was going to be an epic bread fail. That doesn’t happen to often here I have to say. The more I work with yeast breads the less the yeast scares me. But this dough wasn’t rising all that fast. In fact it didn’t look like it was rising much at all. I knew that i hadn’t killed the yeast with hot water because I don’t use hot water when making bread dough.

But then I realized that, duh!, rye dough doesn’t rise as fast or as far. I relaxed, it rose, I baked it.

And it was good. So good that we have eaten most of the loaf in a two day span. Once I have done the recipe a couple more times then I will post it along with pictures. You have to make it.

I feel very bad for our UPS man. He delivered a package to our house yesterday (thank you!) and left with a little present from us. Or more specifically a present from Max. You see, for some reason the UPS man decided to walk through the snow in the front yard rather than walk on the walk way. I am not sure why.

And on said walk he seems to have forgotten that we have a rather large dog. A rather large dog that eats a fair amount of food.

IMG_1122BWI cannot help that I am a dog and that the world is my toilet. I didn’t mean to leave the “gift” where the UPS man would step on it.

I bet THAT was a surprise a little ways down the road when his shoes warmed up.


  1. I love your new yarn! That stuff is so nice to work with. I'm with you on the socks vs. sweater thing. One day I will knit a sweater, meanwhile I have to finish my socks! :) Wouldn't you LOVE to be able to grab as much yarn as you could in 5 mins. at that ladies house? Wow! Talk about a stash!

  2. #2 ~ I will never be your neighbor.

    #5 ~ You gave me a serious case of yarn envy.

    #7 ~ Serves him right for walking across your yard, not matter what the season. You go Max.

  3. You know, that ups guy shouldn't have been walking across the yard anyway! :o)
    Love the photo of you two hugging the kittens--so cute!
    Sorry it has been so long since I visited.


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