Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I Don’t Know Why

I am spending part of the afternoon doing what I do at least one a week.

Going through more boxes in my basement that we packed up a year ago in preparation for putting Chez Knit on the market.

Notice that I am still residing here at Chez Knit. Or as I like to think of it….

IMG_3890The Little House in The Big Woods That No One Wants To Buy.

Hmmmmmm, maybe that would be a good book title?



But I digress.

I have been busy opening boxes that I laboriously packed and labeled. And it is just like Christmas for hours on end. Because really, even though the box is labeled “Linens” that doesn’t always mean that is what is in there.

And one would think that a person such as myself, who keeps a database of books that she has read and loves spreadsheets, would know how to efficiently label boxes.

More detail would be better Deb.

Doesn’t everyone put the binoculars in with the box marked “Table Linens”. I have been looking for those all summer long. Finally!

And may I just say, in my best Dr. Phil voice…..

Deb, what were you thinkin’?

And then there was the small bunch of hangers sandwiched between some quilts. I don’t think that hangers need to be protected from a bump or two. And why are they in between the quilts? Where was my brain the day I packed that box? It certainly wasn’t on task.

And why does the dog eat snow the minute that he goes outside?

I just thought I would throw that in to see if you were paying attention.


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