Wednesday, January 12, 2011

You Never Know What You Will Find

These days I never know what I am going to find in my quest to clean out and get rid of and simplify. Every once in a while I open a drawer that I think is empty and I find something from my past, recent and not so recent.

I opened a drawer a few weeks ago and heard something shift, way in the back. I hoped sincerely that it wasn’t a mouse. You laugh but that has happened.

Remember….I live in the woods….and woods = mice. That is what they make Decon Mouse be Gone for.

Someday I will tell you the momentous story of Zachary and the Mouse. Otherwise known as “Hey I’m Management and I Don’t Have To Catch Those”.

But I digress.

So, I reached my hand gingerly into the back of the drawer. And I pulled out this.

IMG_1152AA Marshall Fields box? Hmmmmmmmmm.

I have to digress again to my childhood. I grew up just outside of Chicago. And Marshall Fields just said elegance when I was growing up. If you needed something special you went there. If it was Christmas you drove into the city and had breakfast in their dining room at the main store downtown.

And the Mint Meltaways. OOOOOOOOOOOOO. If I could only have a box or five of those right now. And not the measly things that you find now. No these were the lovely good sized meltaways that just oozed minty chocolatey flavor and melted in your mouth.

I am drooling.

And I am really off topic.

Long flat Marshall Fields box. I don’t remember this thing or what could possibly be in it. It wasn’t all that heavy, not heavy at all to be honest.

IMG_1154AIMG_1155AOh now I remember what is in here.

IMG_1156AGloves! I totally forgot that I even had these.

IMG_1158A  To be honest (as I always am) I have no idea what these particular gloves are for. They came from Orvis. They are made of a very light weight material and I still have no idea. I think and this is only a supposition, that they might have been something that I got many years ago when I was still skiing.

I don’t ski now. I prefer to WATCH skiing from the comfort of a warm fire. Preferably with a nice glass of wine at the ready.

IMG_1162A  And then there are these lovelies. And they really are lovely. They are definitely hand made out of very delicate cotton thread. We all know that I love to knit (although I think these were crocheted) and that I often use little skinny needles…..but just looking at these things makes my head hurt.


IMG_1160A  And finally there were these beauties. These happen to be my very own favorite gloves from growing up. I am sure that I have a picture somewhere of me with these things on. I haven’t found it yet but I can tell you I found some other pictures that just HAVE to be in another addition of Pictures From The Crypt.

IMG_1161AI love the faux pearl buttons on these things.

But now, after waxing eloquent about all these gloves.

I am sincerely glad that I don’t have to wear them to church on Sundays.


  1. And I'm so glad it wasn't a mouse! lol! I like the crocheted gloves the most.

  2. Too uncanny---my mother, just the other day, gave me several relics from my childhood that she ran across while cleaning out the attic...and a little white glove was one of the things.
    They were a Sunday church requirement when I was little.

    (I would have assumed a mouse as well, because we cohabitate with a few of them. Our cats are too lazy to kill them.)

  3. Love the gloves! That crocheted one especially is gorgeous!


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