Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Punxsutawny Phil is a Liar

Yes today is Groundhog Day.

And my only response to that is….

Why in the world would you ever take the word of a groundhog?


They live in a hole in the ground.

They have really bad tempers and they don’t bathe all that often.

And they eat my hosta in the summer and dig holes around my septic tank.

Any animal that likes to hang around my septic tank is one that I am not going to trust all that much.

I seriously don’t think that Phil the Groundhog has any qualifications to predict whether we will have six more weeks of Winter or if Spring is going to arrive early.

Cloudy when he emerges? Spring comes early.

Sunny when he emerges? 6 more weeks of Winter.

And the first question that comes into my brain when I think of Groundhog’s Day is, “How can he tell if it is cloudy or sunny? They drag him out of his burrow in the early morning and there are tons of journalists hanging around wishing that they were in the middle of the rioting in Cairo rather than rural PA. There are tons of cameras and lights. It will ALWAYS look sunny to Phil, who has peacefully had his eyes closed for his long winter’s nap. Of course he is going to say that we will have more winter. I would if I were him just to be mean.

And besides, I have yet to see him predict anything with any accuracy. I am beginning to think that he might be a card carrying member of the Weather Person’s Society. Weather men (and women) have the only job that I can think of where they get paid if they are right or if they are wrong.

I am so in the wrong profession.

But thankful that we only had ice and sleet last night. TMO and TSiL received 1.5-2 FEET of snow between 2p on Tuesday and 10a today.

Phil? Phil the Groundhog? You had better not have seen your shadow if you know what is good for you!


  1. I can't get the movie "Groundhog Day" out of my mind this time every year. I love that one.

    The weather sure stunk for the festivities this year with all the ice and sleet. I'm sure Phil had absolutely NO desire being dragged out of his nice warm, comfy bed.

  2. Well I don't trust anything hanging around your septic tank either.

    2 feet of snow?!


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