Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Spring Is Just Around the Corner Right?

Here in the Frozen Northeast Ohio this is the time of year when it always feels like Spring will never make an appearance. We have had snow cover here at Chez Knit since November I believe. Not even a January thaw of any kind. Just snow, ice, snow, cold, snow, REALLY cold, snow, snow, sleet, snow, no sun, REALLY cold again, snow.

I think you get the picture.

Maybe that is why February is such a hard month for me, because Spring is supposed to be just around the corner but when I look out I doubt the veracity of the statement.

But yesterday a glimmer of Spring and a hint of summer showed up on my horizon. Because….

Lookleap and I renewed the lease on the garden plot.


And so now there is something to look forward to. Something to dream about. And we are hoping that a particular person who had two choice garden plots and didn’t do anything with them will not renew by Friday because we want his garden plots. He didn’t take care of them. He doesn’t love them. We would love them and take care of them and be kind to the earth and grow only happy vegetables and….

But I digress.

And so, for the next few weeks I will think about……

img_2000 Blue skies, sunny days, warmth. Emphasis on warmth

IMG_7344 Rows and rows of lovely things growing happily in harmony with nature and the weather.

IMG_7332A IMG_2069IMG_7338IMG_8299AIMG_8315ALuscious vegetables and basil picked just at the peak of perfection.

IMG_8331AIMG_8307AEarly mornings tilling the earth.

IMG_8317A IMG_2045 IMG_2077The constant battle against bugs and slugs and ground hogs and raccoons that eat our peppers

IMG_8310A  IMG_8821A IMG_8318 IMG_8312 Floods and then drought and earth that looks like the Mohave desert. Crop failure. People who picked the fruits of someone else’s labor.

Wait, wait, wait. Back up Deb. Focus on the good stuff. It is all good. It is warm. It is quiet. It is peaceful.

IMG_8443  Oh Spring come quickly!    


  1. WHHAAAA!!!! I want spring and summer!!!!

  2. What in the world is on your hoe- its huge!

  3. I can't wait!

    I can't wait for the fresh tomatoes and basil. (I fell in love with pesto sauce last summer.)
    I can't wait to try some new types of veggies.
    I can't wait to retry some old ones.
    I can't wait for our early morning trips there.
    I can't wait for the quiet solitude of evenings after a bad day. (A tried and true way to improve my mood.)

    I simply can't wait.

    (Have I gotten my point across?)


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