Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I Have Always Wanted One!

One of our local crafty type stores is closing. Flower Factory to be exact. I am not sure how that place has managed to stay in business. It never seemed to know what kind of a store it actually wanted to be. You could get party supplies there…and also a hard hat. Hmmmm.

But I digress.

So I went over there today because, well, because everything is 15% off. Not a huge amount off in the relative scheme of things but I knew that they had some basic sock yarn there, and hard hats, and I wanted to see if I needed any. The yarn that is. So I toodled over there this morning and wandered around a bit.

It is times like this and situations like this that are so very dangerous for my poor and meager pocketbook.

15% OFF!! There MUST be something here that I need. I can’t leave without buying something because it will be 15% OFF. What to buy, what to buy, what to buy. I did look at the meager selection of basic Deborah Norville sock yarn, I even walked around the store with 4 skeins clutched in my hands. But in the end I decided against them because I think I have those colorways already. So I put them back and felt good and self righteous that I hadn’t found anything.

I wandered some more and did find these…

IMG_1259AI use these little photo squares all the time so that wasn’t a waste. I am about out anyways so I grabbed the last four packages and continued to congratulate myself on the smallness of my potential purchase.

I wandered a bit more and found myself in the fairly picked over ribbon aisle and found some basic ribbon that will work for ChristmasIMG_1262A I love these big rolls of curling ribbon. They last forever. And they were really cheap so that made me feel good cuz they were also 15% OFF!

And then I figured that I was done. I had wandered the aisles. I had looked at the scrapbooking stuff, the office supplies, the paper products, the meager yarn supplies, the hard hats. I was heading to the front…

And then I saw it, sitting at the bottom of some woman’s cart. A cart that was full to overflowing with stuff. But I saw it on the bottom.

Ummm, excuse me ma’am. Can you tell me where you got that? What aisle I mean. And are there more? (please, please, please let there be more).

Oh yes, there are plenty. They are over by the jewelry aisle that way. And she gestures vaguely to the front of the store.

So I walked with purpose up to the jewelry aisles, worried the whole time that there might not be enough of them. That there might be a run on them. And I wanted one so badly. We had talked about them last night at knitting and many of us had decided that we needed them.

But I couldn’t find them!! I walked and circled and didn’t see them.

Where are they darn it!

And then I passed another woman’s cart. And there, perched on the top was another one.

Ummmm, excuse me ma’am. Is that yours? Where did you find it?

Oh yes, they are down that aisle. And she gestures vaguely towards the back of the store.

Oh for the love of Peter Paul and Mary where are they!!!

So I wander back down the aisles and find myself in the wedding aisles……

And there they were. And I grabbed one, although there were plenty to be had. And I scuttled up to the front of the store with it clutched in my hands, defying anyone to take it from me. Then out to the car and home….

IMG_1258A IMG_1264A IMG_1267AA foam head!!!!!

I have wanted one of these for a while. So that when I am knitting hats I can try it on the foam head (who has no name yet) and see how it looks. Otherwise I have to resort to doing something like this….

Papa's Warm Head HatI don’t want to scare anyone unnecessarily.

But now I don’t have to because I can do this…

IMG_1269She did develop a wicked facial scar on the way home but we won’t let that stand in her way.

I am so excited.

I have always wanted a foam head.  


  1. I think the scar makes her look like a pretty tough chick. Maybe she should consider a tattoo.

  2. This is just too weird. Do you know I spent half the afternoon (shhh!) looking around etsy and ebay at "heads." (You must be more specific than that for the search terms or you get some really weird stuff!) I suddenly have the need for a head, too! Well, another head. . . I already have a red glass head that I got at the thrift store. That sounds like a happy story until you find out that, for some reason, I left behind the other TWO!

    So, you see, I have a need for such a head, too.

    I think her scar is going to make her more interesting. Put some staples in it . . . or, wait, maybe don't. But do some up with a details story of just how she got it.


  3. Great purchase! The scar adds character!

  4. I am SOOOO jealous! I don't know why .... but I really want one too.

  5. The styrofoam heads can be found at any beauty supply store. Glad you got one deb

  6. Mimi has always said "You are a foam head." (or was the word "airhead?") Whatever.

  7. LOVE THE SCAR!! Definitely gives her some character :-) So glad you got one... now she just needs a name. Something tough (because of the scar). I do agree too that you need to come up with a story as to how she got the scar. Ya know... chasing a purse snatcher, running away from aliens trying to abduct her, someone trying to take her knitting needles away from her, etc.

    I LOVE mine and am now more motivated to make more hats so I can use her for photos!! :-)

  8. We have "Cindy Styrofoam Head". Found her at Sally's beauty supply. She is a bit of a pinhead, so hats for our big heads don't look so hot on her. My daughter says she looks a little spooky in a dimly lit room. And she suggested the scar came from battling knitters at a 90% off cashmere yarn sale at her LYS. Sounds like it could happen. Just saying.

  9. But I like your picture and your foam head scares me. Perhaps if you give her a name and a personality.

  10. I like her. She looks creepy, yet nice. :o)


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