Thursday, July 1, 2010

Oh This Parenting Thing.

This parenting thing is hard sometimes you know. I mean, where is the manual? Where are the instructions?

Where is that box that I ordered years and years ago so that I could put the progeny in it and they wouldn’t grow up any more and I could keep them at like, say, 8 years old when they were fun and not that much work. Not that they aren’t fun now mind you.

So Shoe Queen and some of her closest buds leave tomorrow for Florida….driving….all by themselves.

And I am a tad nervous. Can you tell? I actually had to have a Dr. Pepper this afternoon to calm me and I am eating everything in sight even though I am not hungry. Yup, nervous.

It isn’t that these girls aren’t responsible, they are. They have calm heads on their shoulders and they don’t panic…usually. And it isn’t that I am worried about where they will be staying. They will be at the condo of one of their parents. No it is the driving there and back thing that has me all jittery and heeby jeeby.

They are all 19 years old, which right this second seems like babyhood. And it is just that…


well, it is MY kid. And she is driving to Florida. And it is hard not to be a helicopter parent. But the Lord didn’t intend for us to be helicopter parents. We are supposed to help them grow up to be smart, responsible adults and then, when they are we are not supposed to reign them back in. That is the hard part.

You can’t raise them to be adults and then not let them practice the skills that you have made them learn.

So, we will wave her goodbye and safe trip. I have already told her that she needs to keep me updated on the drive, call when they get to Atlanta tomorrow and then Sanibel Island on Saturday. She was rolling her eyes the whole time.

YES YOU WERE! (She reads the blog).

And then I will make her do the same thing on the drive home. Mothers can be such a pain.

Oh, and one more thing. Can anyone explain to me why you would actually want to go to Florida….in July.

It is HOT down there this time of the year.


  1. I just tried to comment and it didn't work... ??!!
    Seems like parenting never gets easier, just different. Well, except for that 8 years old and fun phase, I guess. I take your word for it, that's still 5 years away for me.
    Shoe Queen, do your Mom the favor and call. Every day. Such a small thing for you, such a big thing for her!

  2. You know Ute, Cartoon Girl commented yesterday and then it wouldn't take her comment. Wonder if it is something with Blogger. And yes, 8 year olds are fun. Actually every age has been fun. Well, except for maybe 12-13 years old. Then you understand why gerbils eat their young.

  3. And you're not FOLLOWING HER down there?!

    I hope I'm as gracious and understanding as you are when my kids are that age :) She'll have so much fun!

  4. Daughter #2 did that her senior year for spring break and I worried the whole time. It wasn't her and her friends I was worried about as much as all the other freaks out there. Have some chocolate with my blessing.

  5. My daughter did this for spring break of her senior year. There were 4 of them heading down to Orlando to stay in "our" timeshare, and they drove through the night to get there - yikes!

    They were fine. Whew.


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