Friday, July 9, 2010

7 Quick Takes (Vol 77)

Well hello people! Yes it is that time again, the day of the week that we all look forward to. So after reading my Quick Takes remember to click on the picture above to be whisked over to Conversion Diary to see what everyone else is up to.

One more thing about the Daylilies. If you have read this post you know that for the 10 years that I have lived in this house I haven’t known what most of my daylilies look like due to the rats with hooves deer. But this year has been a marvelous gift from the Lord because those nasty four legged creatures have left my daylilies alone.

Did you know that some daylilies have a scent?? I sure didn’t.

I was weeding in the back garden and every once in awhile I would get just a hint of a scent. It smelled very much like Lily of the Valley of which I have absolutely no plants. And besides it is long past their blooming. I just couldn’t figure it out.

And then I passed by this pink daylily………
IMG_7009 And there was this beautiful, delicate scent just hovering over the spot. And I took a good whiff, first checking for the presence of bees, and….

Oh My.

It has the most lovely smell.

Oh yes and one MORE thing about the daylilies. Thursday morning, all of these were gone…
IMG_7022A Every single one of them. But they were beautiful while they briefly lasted.

And I have sprayed some more of the eau de vomitorium just to keep the other daylilies a bit longer. Nothing like spraying that stuff on a day when it is 92F and there is no wind. The smell just settles on you like big bad elephant farts.

I am picking blueberries today. Let us hope that I will have some blueberry willpower. I am not sure about that after the whole strawberry incident but we can only hope. However, if I do come home with an overabundance of blueberries then I will just have to make blueberry jam, which I have never made before. And there might need to be some blueberry topped cheesecake and blueberry muffins and blueberries just plain. I will let you know.

Now I am drooling.

Now hopefully it won’t rain.

Are you watching all the hoopla about LeBron James? I will confess that I am writing this post on Thursday night and so I don’t know which team he is choosing to play for. And I have to be honest and say I just don’t give a rats rip.

Now remember, I live in the Cleveland area where for the past 6 weeks it has been all LeBron all the time. Will he stay? Will he go? How will we live if he doesn’t stay and give us a championship.


My thought on the whole situation is he is a self-centered baby who has never had anyone say no to him. Since the age of 14 he has been courted and held up as the next great thing in basketball. He hasn’t had bad press, he hasn’t had to deal with people being upset with him. People cater to and kow tow to him. He has been reading and believing his press clippings. But he is a spoiled child. His play, or lack of play, in the Boston series can attest to that.

And if he thinks that all of his die hard fans here in Cleveland are still going to love him if he signs with some other team……

He might just have the first big wake up dope slap of his life cuz we won’t.

EDIT: Obviously we all know now that James is going to play for Miami. On national TV to essentially say "F--- You" to the fans in NE Ohio just shows he has no class.

This is what happens when you are taking eggs out of the refrigerator with one hand and reading the recipe with the other.
IMG_7189Let this be a lesson to you that sometimes multi-tasking can be a dangerous and costly thing.
And of course the first thing I thought was, “I have to take a picture of that”.

The first thing that Max thought was, “I hope she takes a long time in the other room.”

We had a showing on the house yesterday and I think I have to consider it a dud. It was scheduled for between 12N-1p so I left about 11:45a, went to the bank, went to the post office, got a cheeseburger at McD’s and then just toodled around for 45 minutes. I would have done other errands but I had Max in the car and since it was 92F I couldn’t just leave him cooped up in there.

Arrived home about 1p. No car in the driveway so I assumed that they had been there and gone. Went in, turned off lights, thought about using the facilities (if you get my drift. Please don’t make me spell it out for you) but decided to turn my computer on first. I was sitting there when I saw a car pull up the driveway.



They had been at the house next door which is also for sale and had taken more time than they thought. I offered to put the dog in the car and leave but they said that wasn’t necessary so I just holed up in my office and tried not to be conscious of the fact that people were walking around my house. I so didn’t want to be there.

They only stayed about 10 minutes so I have to assume that Chez Knit wasn’t what they were looking for.


Summer is meant for reading and so I will bid you a good weekend. I hope, now that my house is uber clean, the garden is weeded and all the laundry is done, that I can spend some time reading.

I live for it.

Well that and ice cream with chocolate sauce.

What are you reading this summer? Currently I am reading The Long Way Home by David Laskin and Defining Conservatism by Jonathan Krohn.

So many books, so little time.


  1. We tried to sell our house once and I hated having people come to look at it. It was a pain to have to leave so strangers could walk through my home. It turns out we stayed and if we ever decide to sell again I hope it is after we've already moved out.

  2. Seriously....all the day lilies...GONE?? They were so beautiful too. :(

  3. I made the mistake of reading this post after having a few drinks (testing a recipe in a magazine you know). It had me giggling uncontrollably. Thanks for that. I love laughing.

  4. All that house selling business can be so stressful! It will go when it's meant to-for sure.

    hooray for summer reading!

  5. I always love your Friday Quick Takes, Deb! If you have any leftover blueberries, I have an awesome blueberry pie recipe that my mom makes that puts the whipped cream underneath the blueberries. Sounds weird, tastes great!
    Oh yes, I'd love to know what you think of young Jonathon's book. Watched him on FOX News once and thought he was delightful; I'd like to arrange a marriage between him and my daughter.


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