Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Good Day to Whack a Baseball

You know, if you have been hangin’ with me for a bit that we like baseball around here. I live with my own personal baseball hunk thankyouverymuch. And on most Sunday afternoon’s you will find HHBL playing that little boy’s game.

I am not sure that there is a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than watching HHBL play baseball.

IMG_7255There they are, The Kent Mudhens in all their baseball loving glory. HHBL is playing for a different team this year rather than the team that he had played for for the past 6 years. He plays with the Mudhens during the Roy Hobbes World Series in November and I really thought that he should play with them during the summer as well. They play with intensity when it is called for but always with humor and a genuine love of the game. They are just as likely to give kudoos to a good play made by the other team.

IMG_7245A I happened to look to my left and here was this little fellow just intently watching the game. We found a spare baseball for him and he went home happy.

IMG_7264A No one ever said that you couldn’t be comfortable when you are playing baseball. And let me tell you, it was HOT. I cannot vouch for what was in the coolers though.

But I wasn’t there to wonder about the contents of the other team’s coolers. Oh no. I was there to watch HHBL pitch. Let’s take a look shall we.

IMG_7267 IMG_7266 IMG_7269AOh. Yes.

IMG_7272A  Ball!
IMG_7275A Excuse me inferior being. I need one of those balls in order to play with my human. I require that you go and get one for me….now.

IMG_7279A And it at this point that I want to sing the praises of my telephoto lens. You see, I wasn’t as close to the action as this photo might suggest. It was hot, dang hot! And there was a lot of sunshine. And this particular field has the most wonderful hill that has trees and shade and that is where I was sitting.

I am no fool.

Oh, and there is a bathroom that is close by. That is always an important thing. No soap but I always come prepared with Purell.

No homerun this game but let me tell you HHBL hit homers in the last two games and they were amazing. He ended up winning Player of the Week for the league two weeks in a row.

IMG_7290A Just a reminder that even though people call this a “little boy’s game” big boys can get hurt. This guy went back for a ball and ended up falling back and whacking his head. Yikes.

IMG_7283B copy
IMG_7295A Can someone tell me what these things are? We happened to be sitting under a large oak tree and all the leaves were covered with these weird things.

Egads it is mini pod people!

Or not.

IMG_7301A What is a baseball game without peanuts. These things are really like crack to me. I can’t just have one of them. Thankfully I wasn’t the one who brought them and HHBL only brought me a handful. If the entire bag had been available they would have all been in my belly.

And my belly doesn’t need that many peanuts.

IMG_7303A The Mud Hens started out slow, being down 8-1 at one point. But then the bats got booming and they won the game.

Like I said, an excellent way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

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  1. I'm still laughing over the caption under the second dog photo...excuse me inferior being! Excellent caption...fits perfectly!

    My first guess as to what was on the leaves...I agree...min-pods that will soon produce people? Those are pretty high on the creep scale for me. Now I'm going to be checking all oak leaves before I sit under a tree again. :)


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