Friday, July 23, 2010

7 Quick Takes (Vol79) The Garden Update Addition

I thought I might take this opportunity to catch you all up on the garden. I know that you have been losing sleep at night wondering. Well wonder no more.

There are tomatoes, lovely ripe tomatoes.

IMG_7331 IMG_7332A IMG_7333AWe had BLT’s on Wednesday night when That Nice Greek Boy came over for dinner. Of course, life being what it is around here, there was some drama.

IMG_7354 Let this be a lesson to you. If you are toasting bread under the broiler do not walk away. Do not think that you can check one thing on the computer and remember that you have something under the broiler…….

Disaster awaits those who do.

We have peppers of many kinds although I don’t think I am going to get many jalapenos. Bummer.

We have cabbage!! I am so excited about this. There are only two plants so one head will be for LookLeap and one for me. I can taste the cole slaw now. We will have to have BBQ Pork sandwiches so we can put the cole slaw on them.
IMG_7338 Oh look at it in all it round, gas producing loveliness.

There are lovely cucumbers. These are the smaller variety. I also have some that are growing up a trellis but they are a bit slower to get going.
IMG_7340A IMG_7341A I can tell you that these are going to be sliced up, mixed with some cider vinegar and sugar and then eaten by me.


IMG_7342A copyI was at the garden by myself and I can do what I want when I don’t have LookLeap there to boss me around and tell me to get back to work.


IMG_7345AHello little zucchini, would you like to come home with me soon so that I may slice you up and saute you with other veggies?

IMG_7348 Please excuse the gray hair that is pulled back in a pony tail and no make up and my general state of workoutiness. I had been taking the morning constitutional and then stopped at the garden. It is hard to garden in high heels and pearls. And I am smiling because I had been eating cherry tomatoes that were ripe.

It is the gardeners privilege you know.

There will soon be green beans and more tomatoes and cukes and the basil just keeps on coming. I have made batches of pesto and am now drying more.

Man I love gardening.


  1. The unknown plant? Eggplant???

    All computers should be within three feet of the kitchen would avert many a culinary disaster at my house. lol

    I am totally envious of your garden!!!!!

  2. @WhiteStone- I believe you are correct!!! Now we will see if they produce anything. And if I can overcome my dislike of eggplant.

  3. Thank you Whitestone. Too bad I don't like eggplant either. Sigh. It still has been fun though!

  4. Hey, I was gonna say eggplant, too! Try slicing, breading, and frying those eggplants. Sometimes I drizzle a little loose pesto over the top.
    Well, you two are like Gaia herself, coaxing yummy stuff outta the dirt! I'm so jealous. Can't grow any decent tomatoes in CA. Pooh.

  5. Just gone through your blog and found it impressive. It was nice going through your blog.

  6. Your pictures, especially those wonderful close-ups of tomatoes, take me back to the farm days of my youth. I loved to smell the tomatoes and watch them ripen. Unfortunately, I have neither space nor time for growing things these days. So, I look at pictures, like yours.


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