Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I Just Don’t Do Change Very Well


Big Sigh

Huge Sigh.

I am trying, I really am. I am trying to decide what to do for my poor little blog. I want to change it. I know that I do.

But I am such a chicken.

Cluck, cluck, cluck. It is that whole hitting the “apply to blog” button that has me absolutely in a tizzy. I mean what if I screw up! What if I don’t like what I do?

Even worse, what if YOU don’t like what I do.

Performanceanxiety. Performanceanxiety. Performanceanxiety.

This is seriously harder than I thought it might be and I am breaking out into a cold flop sweat at the thought.

OK, how hard can a bit of change be. For the love of Peter Paul and Mary get yourself together Deb and press the darn “Apply to Blog” button……….

Breathe breathe breathe breathe

Hey, that wasn’t so bad. Now I just have to see if I like it. It is like a marriage. You have to live with it for a while before you know for sure.

But this is easier to change if I don’t.

Now to figure out how to do tabs.


  1. It is like we jumped off the bridge together...I was going through the same things as you mentioned.

    I like it....looks good! :)

  2. Oh....meant to mention you may want to check out the CoffeeShop for some of Rita's free tutorials on changing things on Blogger. The Blogger stuff is at the bottom of the page.


  3. LOL, I hear you! It took me forever to make changes and it wasn't because I didnt think Id like it

    I was afraid my blog would disintegrate. Paranoid right?

    so silly! your blog looks great!


  4. I like it! :-) I was inspired earlier in the week to make some changes too...I totally understand the fear of hitting the button.

  5. It's pretty, Deb. Good job. If you ever want any help, let me know.


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