Saturday, July 24, 2010

Construction Ahead….Maybe

Good Saturday morning to all who stop by here. I know, I know, I don’t usually post on Saturdays. Try to get over the shock of it. It isn’t that I don’t have anything to say on the weekends believe me.

In fact, I may just be going to blogging six days a week because I love you so much, all three of you who read based on commenting (did you get the hint). I am finding that if I take two days off from blogging then come Monday my bloggy mojo is a no go. Still thinking about it.

But what I wanted to tell you is to bear with me here at Chez Knit for the next couple of weeks. I am going to be playing with how the blog looks and some of the things contained therein. I am bored with the design. It has looked just the same for the past two years and I need a change, sort of like moving the furniture around.
And let me tell you I never move the furniture around, unlike my cousin Jill who moves her furniture all the time. I get it the way that I like it and then I don’t like to mess with it. Imagine how my sweat glands broke out into mayhem and my brain went on the fritz when the stagers asked us to move all the furniture.

I haven’t recovered yet, but I am learning to like the spare look. But I still miss my red chair. And darn it they aren’t the boss of me and I want my red chair back in my office! It is so forlorn out there in the garage, staring at me every time I go out to get in the car, just waiting patiently for me to bring it back in from GarageSiberia.

Soon my chair, soon.

OK, done with rant now.

So, if you visit and it looks different from day to day just know that I have not lost what few brain cells that I still possess.

Changing the way that my blog looks, for me is like buying new shoes. You buy them because you are dazzled by how they look (like The Shoes of Eventual Phalanges Death, scroll down til you find the picture) but you have to wear them for a while to see if they truly fit you.

I will be adding a specific place to put recipes as I seem to have posted enough of those to warrant their own separate place to live. I am not sure where that will be but I will let you know when the time comes.

So what do you think? Is there something that you would like to see me do? A place to have a revolving picture gallery?


Tink, tink, tink (knocking on computer screen)

Is anyone out there?

Do you even care?

Am I all alone in the blogiverse?

Sigh, I think I will go and have more elixir of life. At least my coffee mug loves me.


  1. I'm here and I care (even though I appear not to be one of the "places that you visit way too often."). I think the change is a great idea. They say a web site should be changed every year (at least) to keep people interested and keep it fresh so why not a blog. Also think about joining some blogger communities and directories. My big one is, but that's because it's what my blog's about. I've met some awesome people through those and learned a lot about blogging. Personally, I love what you do and the way you do it.

  2. Mmmmm, let's see...

    Photos organized by topic (something like how it is under your "Labels" section.)

    By the way, don't get rid of the labels. I love those.

    A recipe file (both with visuals when you post a blog, and text only, for those yummy things you refer to but don't have time to photograph and blog about.) You know what a recipeholic I am!

    Anything to do with all the books you read. I'm always looking for more possibilities to add to my Shelfari "To Read" shelf (as if I don't have enough on it already!) and love to hear what you say about the ones you've read. (Btw, I miss your reviews! Hint, hint.)

    Okay, are those enough ideas?? You asked after all! :)

    (Oh, in case I haven't told you lately. I enjoy your blog so much Deb. Thank you for all the time you put into it. It brightens my day whenever you post.)

  3. Ahhh....the crickets speak. :) I have no suggestions. I myself was looking at a different theme, but I'm so comfortable I doubt I will change anything anytime soon. Can't wait to see what you do.

  4. I'm here. And I love you, too. It's not just your coffee mug. Pictures are good. Basically, though, it's what you like. It's your space, after all. And we like you.

  5. I'm here too...even if I'm a slacker. I love your blog the way it is, but I "get" wanting to rearrange. That's been on my mind too, lately. Do whatcha want, I'll still be reading!

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