Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Weddings Need A Lot of Practice and Then You Eat

You can’t just wing these things you know, you have to practice the whole walking down the aisle and when do the bridesmaids enter and what to do with the flower girl. It is a good thing that we had a wedding coordinator for the church because chaos might have taken full reign otherwise. Especially considering there were eight, count ‘em, eight bridesmaids and eight groomsmen. A crowd in every sense of the word. Jen kept us moving and on target.

img_6451AHHBL finally gets a son! And we didn’t have to raise him, Nancy and Luke did that and quite well.

img_6458A  It is wonderful to see the close relationship that TASiL (name change comes with Thursday’s post) has with his father and brothers.

img_6454A This is TEO’s flower girl, Emmie. She is the sweetest thing ever. You just want to squeeze her. She took her job very seriously.

img_6455Avery wasn’t too sure about his role as ring bearer. It is a gigantic responsibility, even though we weren’t letting the actual rings anywhere near him. But…….we got candy involved in the whole affair and that assured that Avery would walk down the aisle.

img_6478 img_6479 img_6482 TASiL was supplied with candy and the kids knew that if they successfully completed their mission that they would be rewarded.

Bribery, the American way.

img_6469 Told you, LOTS of bridesmaids and groomsmen. We could have populated a small city.

img_6486 Here Comes the Bride!

img_6492A Can you guess which one of these sets of feet belong to The Shoe Queen?

img_6493AOh yes, Alison the maid of honor is paying close attention to the instructions. She is a good girl. MY progeny are spending their time making faces at me.

 img_6488 img_6471 After several runs through it looked like we all had it down pat. I didn’t have too big a roll. Nancy and I just had the light the unity candle and not cry too loudly. We were stellar in our parts, stellar I say!

Then it was time to eat!! TEO and TASiL wanted to have the rehearsal dinner at the Indian restaurant where they had their first date.

Awwwwwwwwwwww, isn’t that sweet.

It also helps that TASiL speaks Hindi and Urdu but that is just icing on the cake. I never have to worry when we eat at an Indian restaurant because he can order for me! He has done it before and I loved what he ordered. But then I adore Indian food.


Shiver with excitement.

img_6511 Cartoon Girl and I got bored while we were waiting for the order to attack the buffet.

Boredom + Camera + Starvation = Very scary pictures.

There are several more in this vein but I don’t want you to leave forever…

You won’t will you?


img_6518FINALLY it was time to go through the buffet. Can I tell you how much I love Indian food. There were Vegetable Samosas and Paneer and Lamb and rice and NAAN!!! I had more than my fair share of naan. I could eat it all day long and into the night.

I would run away with the Naan if I didn’t like HHBL so much.

img_6522 TASiL’s family all wore their Pakistani and Indian finery.

The rest of us looked REALLY boring in comparison. I will not even put up pictures because…

We were boring.

img_6524 TASiL and his brothers. The young fellow with the glasses is TASiL’s twin brother TFD (remember, The Future Doctor). TFD likes to remind all of us that TASiL is the younger brother (by two minutes). Oh those boys.

img_6514 Oh fine, one more picture if you promise not to run screaming into the night.

You promise right?



Tomorrow: Beautifying!


  1. Very fun! I get to do all this next week although on a smaller scale.

  2. She looks so happy practicing the walk down the aisle!

    I adore the shoe queens shoes, of course.

    You and cartoon girl are freaks and thats why you are so wonderful.

    That food looks amazing! I'm so impressed by the clothing as well.


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