Thursday, May 13, 2010

Knitting Gone Wrong

Sometimes, knitting goes wrong. It just can’t be helped. You think the yarn and the pattern are going to get along. It will be a well thought out arranged marriage. You have planned the celebration, invited the guests and thought about where the happy couple will reside.

And then things just go kaflooey and you have to take a step back and rethink the arrangement.

Maybe it is just me, you think. Maybe I am not trying hard enough. Maybe I am not putting in the effort.

But at some point you just have to say, “Oh forget this! I am sending you back to the frog pond!”

Back to the frog pond you ask?

You KNOW…..”rippit, rippit, rippit…..”

Like a FROG……

Come ON people. Get with the program. Learn the knitting lingo. They are going to be teaching it in school pretty soon I am sure.

I have to confess that I really hate to send things back to the frog pond. I see it as a failure on my part. The inability to get something right and perfect the first time around. It makes my blood pressure go up and that is sort of why I knit…to keep the BP down.

But, sometimes, it just cannot be helped. The time comes when you have to bite the bullet, pull out the needles and rewind.

That time came last week with not one but two projects. Two projects that I had put a bunch of hours into but that were just not working.

img_6013                                                 This pair of socks.
img_6018                                                       This sweater
img_6017 Oh one of the best inventions known to knitters…..the ball winder. Thank you Knit Picks.
img_6020 Ahhhhhhhh, ready for a new project or two. In fact, I have already cast on for a sweater with the blue. And with the Araucania….
IMG_6261                                          Socks! “My Life in Zigs and Zags”.

We are all happy now. The yarn and patterns seem to be getting along. A huge sigh of relief can be given.

Now back to knitting.


  1. That sweater looked beautiful, no matter what you say. Granted, it may not if someone were to put it on, but I loved the pattern and the color! And that finished sock looks wonderful too. Especially love the pattern.

    I'm experiencing knitting envy. Who would ever guess I'd be capable of it?

    (But no Deb, I don't have the patience to learn.)

  2. I tried knitting once but ended up with a tangle around my fingers that made me feel like I was in a straight jacket. I never tried again. But my eldest daughter is a knitting addict and does lovely work. She likely knows what the frog pond is.

  3. How is the wedding shawl coming? I too hate the frog pond--but do go there occasionally.

  4. I have never known anyone that grandmother taught me to crochet years ago, but I never learned to knit. Now I'm afraid my hands are too far gone to learn. I'm envious of your ability to create beautiful things with your hands!

  5. @Chris- the Wedding shawl is GORGEOUS! I will put a picture up next week.
    @Debbie- you are never to old to learn to knit!

  6. Having been addicted to quilting and with the attendant stash of fabric and gizmos, I hesitate to do more than knit an occasional cap for fear I'll descend into the yarn addiction as well. LOL. However, that ball winder is a great idea! Never heard of one! And your new sock looks super.

  7. Hahha! Rippit! That's funny. Also really enjoyed your use of the word kaflooey. :o) The color of that yarn for the sweater is just beautiful. Love your socks.
    Just wondering about the name of the color Araucania? Any relation to the Araucana chickens that lay pastel eggs?


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