Friday, May 21, 2010

7 Quick Takes (Vol 70)


Can I tell you that I love the Home and Garden section of the NYTimes. I don’t love the NYTimes mind you, although I read it (online, for FREE) because I think it is good to read both sides of any issue. But one of my favorite Saturday morning things is to get up, make my lovely Elixir of Life and “read” the Home and Garden section. To look at the pictures. To dream.
I don’t want to live in NYC or the surrounding boroughs. I can visit Cartoon Girl to get my fill of that. No, I just like to look and think and dream. Dream about what I might want my “studio” to look like if I ever have the chance to have one. Dream about what my cozy living spaces could be like in the next dwelling. Dream about gardening.
I miss my vegetable garden. I miss it like I miss a vital part of myself.
I have learned a new word, although I am not sure how to actually work it into the conversation yet. But here goes.
I was reading through the obits on the NYTimes website. Yes, I do read those and they are fascinating and I often rabbit trail to other subjects relating to the people who have died. Are you surprised at this? Me the queen of rabbit trails. At any rate, I was reading the obit for Frank Frazetta. I knew who he was but do you? I bet you do if you have seen any artwork or book jackets that look like this…

ffddpm-758186I have always loved his work, even though it is a bit different from my normal art likes. It just speaks to me for some reason which we won’t be delving into too deeply. At any rate, when I was reading his obit the staff writer, some lower echelon drone I am sure, used the word “callipygian”. Callipygian? What the heck does that mean? And seeing as I had the internet right at the end of my little fingers I googled it and came up with…
Main Entry: cal·li·pyg·ian
Pronunciation: \ˌka-lə-ˈpi-j(ē-)ən\
Variant(s): also cal·li·py·gous \-ˈpī-gəs\
Function: adjective
Etymology: Greek kallipygos, from kalli- + pygē buttocks
Date: circa 1800
: having shapely buttocks
I am not sure how I am going to work this word into a sentence in the coming weeks but I feel that I just have to. I will let you know what I come up with.
And if I lose any friends after saying it.
So, if you have little children and they fight, especially if they are girls, you might think that when they get older you will finally be spared the verbal sparring that occurs….
You would be wrong.
This is the thread of speech that occurred on Wednesday morning as Cartoon Girl(23) and Shoe Queen(19) were getting ready for the day. If you remember, today is the wedding of TEO and TASiL so we are out of town. There are 14 of us sharing two bathrooms so there might be a conflict or two that arises when more than one person wants to use the bathroom…
Shoe Queen – You are not my mother!
Cartoon Girl – Be glad I’m not. If I was your parent I would have given you up for adoption long ago.
Oh yes, good time.
img_6272 These are the shoes that I will be wearing today for the big event. They are lovely. I looked at them from afar and they spoke to me and said they must come home with me. But I can tell you that by the time the wedding itself is done and it is time to go to the reception….
I will be asking for a trial separation.
But they are really awesome on my feet so sometimes you just have to sacrifice your body for fashion.

img_6376                                              The Mothers-in-Law!
Please try to ignore my double chin. It and I seem to have a permanent relationship. I have tried to run away from it but it will not be left behind.
Why have I lost two followers this week? I don’t have that many so when two of you abruptly leave me I feel the loss. There is a hole in my space time continuum and my world is just not right.
Did I say something offensive? Did I talk about cow butts too often? Did I send you screaming into the night with my talking about large, vicious African beetles or the fact that I love liverwurst and sweet pickle sandwiches with mayo and that I think fried liver is a tool of the devil?
Don’t leave me!!!
OH.MY.GOSH! I have a daughter getting married tomorrow. How can that be? When did this happen. I am not sure that I am ready for this. Can we wind the clock back and start over? What if I haven’t told her everything that she needs to know.
I guess it is too late now.
I will let you know next week how everything goes….
Because we all know I will have my camera with me.


  1. Thinking of you today and I'm sure it will be a beautiful day! Your feet might disagree but those shoes are knockouts, so phooey on them!

  2. You will look fantastically callipygian in your outfit, because that's what those fabulous shoes are good for! :-)

  3. Awesome. Shoes.

    I would become a follower to make up the difference, but I'm not quite sure how that works. I like my bookmarks.

    Happy Wedding Day to TEO and the Future Son-in-Law!

  4. I always wonder what happened when I lose a follower too...mostly out of concern that I offended someone. Then I have to fight obsessing over who it was! lol

    Have a wonderful time at the wedding. Two weeks until our dear daughter's!


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