Friday, May 14, 2010

7 Quick Takes (Vol 69)


Here we are again, gathered together to do Quick Takes. How the time doth fly. So, click on the picture above to be whisked through the internet at Superman speed so that you can read all the Quick Takes over at Conversion Diary.

Remember when I mentioned here, down at the bottom of the post, that I knew I had a picture of Sharon and I in pink velvet dresses……

I found it…..

image 2010-5-13 0005A Oh we are so cute! But I do remember that those shoes pinched like the dickens and I had to sleep on pink rollers to achieve the curls. Oh the things that we will do for beauty.

Now if I could just remember whose wedding we were the flower girls for, and the name of the girl that is standing to my right.

Can I tell you, just between us, that I am still having trouble wrapping my mind around the fact that a week from today we will have a daughter who is married.


As in, Mrs. Josh Cutherell.

As in no longer The Engaged One but The Married One.

My head may yet explode at the knowledge. But hopefully not until after the wedding and the reception.

AND I have to give a small speech at the reception. Now we all know that I don’t have any problem getting and speaking in front of others. I enjoy it actually. But this is going to be really odd. I will let you know if I trip or say something really off or whatever.

We all know I am into humiliation.

You will need to prepare yourselves. Next week sometime there will be another installment of Pictures From The Crypt Lagoon. I know that you have felt the hole in your lives that comes from not being able to regularly look at pictures of me growing up and the often humiliating looks that I managed to come up with. I know I have missed it.

I just that I would give you fair warning.

There are some hummdingers that I found. Oh yes there are.

You know, there are times when you really wish you had your camera with you and you do not. I usually always have a camera available. I keep one in my purse. I sometimes throw the big boy in the car with me. Well not literally throw because that is bad for cameras but you know what I mean.

Just about the only time I don’t have a camera with me is when I am walking early in the morning with my “walkin’ buddies”. We have a standing 7a date, three days a week, at the local park. It is hard to walk and take pictures at the same time, sort of disruptive. But Wednesday I certainly wished that I had my camera and telephoto lens. We are walking along at our usual 4 mph clip and I can see, off in the distance, at the edge of the water there is a dead tree. I see that tree all the time and I don’t usually pay any attention to it. But this time I could see that there is something that was sitting on a branch high up in said dead tree. A big something. It wasn’t the right color to be a hawk and besides it was too big for that.

It could be a buzzard, we have plenty of those.

Hey wait a minute…..


Yes, that is what it was. A very large Bald Eagle just sitting there surveying the early morning fish population. Just way too cool.

And it made up for the fact that we were threatened by the local vicious Canadian Goose population earlier in the walk.

Well, the Cleveland Cavaliers may have managed to kill HHBL’s love of Cleveland sports. I never thought I would hear him say that…EVER. He grew up here. He loves sports. He has rooted for the Cavs and the Browns and the Indians for his whole life. And all three of those teams are so bad, perpetually it seems that he has finally come to the end of his rope.

Actually it isn’t that the Cavs are so bad. They are good. Obviously LeBron James is good. They should have won the series against Boston. They played like high schoolers. In fact, it was so bad that the dog and I left the room and just couldn’t go back.

But HHBL’s poor, shriveled Cleveland heart (to quote our pastor) as finally had enough.

Last night we had our first big thunderstorm of the Spring season. I love thunderstorms. I love them, I crave them, I look at the weather map and hope for them.

Yes, I know, that is just one more sign that somehow I am wired wrong. But when the clouds roll in and I can hear the thunder in the distance and see the lightening then I am a happy camper. And if the storm is at night when I am snuggled down in my bed then so much the better.

I was last night. It was excellent.

I forgot to add one more picture of Sharon and I.
image 2010-5-13 0027A I am not positive about the time frame here but I think it is around Freshman year in high school. Look at Sharon all the way on the left. Hair lovely, perfectly dressed with a nice purse. Then there is me with, for some inexplicable reason, a large red apple appliqued on my shirt. I just don’t know how to explain that, I really don’t.

Sigh. And I am not sure that my fashion sense has gotten any better which is the really sad part.

See you next week!!!


  1. 2. Hooray for weddings! Y'all are in my prayers.
    7. The girl with the appliqued apple is my favorite...but, the, they say I don't have any fashion sense either...

  2. You know, for some reason I'm dying to see your mom-of-the-bride dress. Probably because I've never seen you in a dress before. Well, last night, I had a dream that you modeled it for me, and it was ... awful. A bad 60's bridesmaid dress. And when you asked me what I thought, all I could come up with was that I liked the length.

    Last night it was a nightmare; this morning I was laughing.

  3. Don't feel to bad, your freshman year clothes are way cuter than my mock-neck shirts with vests and long shapeless skirts I was wearing my freshman year!

  4. I am SO with you on #6; I was up until after 1 am watching our first thunderstorm of the season last week.

    Glad to know I'm not the only one. :)

  5. I have a love/hate relationship with thunderstorms. I think they are awesome but their power frightens me sometimes.


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