Thursday, May 20, 2010

W-Day Minus 1

Oh how the time doth fly.

Yes, it is T minus 1 for the wedding day. It doesn’t seem like too long since we were celebrating this. It really wasn’t all that long ago. But tomorrow is the big day and so we are busy getting everything done.

img_6371We rented one of these to bring a bunch of stuff out to TEO and TASiL. They gave us a 16 foot truck rather than the 12 foot that we requested. That extra 4 feet makes the thing a beast to drive and back up! We needed it to move….
img_6350A big chunk of this stuff. Good golly the UPS man is TEO’s favorite person at the moment. He actually left 10 packages at the front door yesterday. Most likely he is anticipating the wedding as much as the rest of us only for a different reason. He may have to ask for disability after this.
img_6386  It took three men with college degrees, one of whom has a medical degree and one of who has an MBA to get everything figured out.
img_6387That Nice Greek Boy (TNGB) was also put to work. He earns extra points for coming all the way out here to hang with us crazy people for most of the week. He even had to sit and chat last night as Shoe Queen was off at the bachelorette party. Extra, extra points.  
img_6354 All the candy for the Candy Buffet (pictures next week) has been loaded into the proper receptacles and hidden until set up time.
img_6358 SOME people felt that there should have been more extensive product tasting before putting everything away.
img_6374 I had to have a generous helping of this to get over all of the stuff that we had to do yesterday. That included a quick trip to CostCo and eating numerous meals that included pork of some kind (brats or ribs take your pick).

It seems like just yesterday that TEO was this age…
1992 Meg hanging out in the back yard, sneaking frogs into her room, cutting her bangs herself (she has no talent for hair cutting), hanging with her friends (many of whom are now her bridesmaids) and generally being my MooMoo Meister.

19348_536358937108_187702917_31386329_8058012_n Now she is this, TEO, ready to step into the next phase of life with a really great guy.

Today all of us ladies are going to have mani/pedi’s and lunch. I just had this thought that I sounded just like someone from The Real Housewives of Orange County. Gads.

And I have to spend some time today thinking about what I want to say when I give my little “speech” at the reception. She asked me because she knows that I like to speak in front of people. None of you should be surprised at that I would think. I guess I can’t say anything embarrassing. What should I talk about?

What should I say?

I am conflicted and worried and suddenly without words flowing from my pudgy little fingertips (I had a lot to eat yesterday).

Until tomorrow I remain the conflicted almost Mother of the Bride and Soon to be Mother-in-Law…


  1. Happy anniversary! Hubby and I will be celebrating 32 years next week.

    I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of the wedding! Enjoy the day and don't forget to breathe.

    Two weeks from Saturday is our daughter's wedding!

  2. What an amazing amount of preparation! I'm in awe! Good luck...

  3. And to think I'm just excited about my baby chicks arriving tomorrow (sigh). Will be thinking about you tomorrow. I'm sure the day, and your speech will be perfect. I totally admire anyone who can comfortably speak in front of a crowd. You go girl!! -Tammy

  4. ~sigh~ I remember the day before like it was yesterday! Well, it was only 5 or so months ago.

    Such an exciting time, I'm actually getting that excited butterfly feeling for her just thinking about her day tomorrow.

    Now I'm feeling happily weepy. I must leave and get a hold of my hormones.

  5. My head would be spinning around and I would be so stressed if I had to speak in front of a crowd. Yes, I am one of those who would rather set her head on fire than speak in front of people ~ and then add to that your daughter getting married. You are my hero! :)

    My best wishes to the happy couple ~ my thoughts will be with you all tomorrow. Have Fun!


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