Thursday, May 6, 2010

Peace and Harmony and Garden Slugs

What do you have in your life that brings you peace? Everyone needs something. It really helps get through the day or days. For me it is my garden, specifically my back garden.

Grumpy people should have a garden. It will help I am sure.

img_5977Isn’t it beautiful. Ahhhhhh. Of course, if you could see the bigger picture you would see that this is the ONLY iris bloom that I got this year. Of course it is better than last year when there were no blooms. But we will just get beyond it. No bitterness here.

Peace, harmony….

img_5980 Of course I am also the kind of person who has a toilet in one of my hosta beds. Doesn’t everyone? I mean it makes an awesome planter as well as an interesting conversation starter. Hey, I am recycling!

img_6009  Oh I love Pansies. I love them more that the Elixir of Life and you KNOW how much I love my joy juice. I love the look of them. I really love the smell of them. They are such happy flowers and they remind me of Grandpa Pringle. Of all the flowers in the garden they are the ones that I wish lasted all season. Sigh.

I love them.

img_5978                                                  Hen and Chickens!!

Love, Love, Love. I have a lot of these. They are an obsession, sort of like the hostas that are all over the garden. When I move these and the other containers are going with me. Try and stop me! Just try it.

Peace and Harmony.

img_6030AForget Me Not’s. These are one of those flowers that you plant but don’t know exactly what they are going to do.

You do that right? Plant something that looks interesting but it doesn’t turn out quite the way you planned.


I started out with ONE plant, just one. And now they are everywhere. They self seed and come back every year. Happiness. Well until they get all leggy and black. Then I just pull them up. But they have already gone to seed by then so it doesn’t matter.

img_5982Um Deb? Is that a bed pan that is sitting on top of that old milk can?

Why yes it is. Doesn’t everyone have one of those in the garden. They make lovely planters, much better use than what they usually are employed for. Much better. I would know.

Again, makes me happy. As my friend Jen told me recently, “Deb you might need help.”

I don’t know why she thinks that.

img_6036  Clematis, oh how I love thee. Let me count the ways. I have spoken about my love for these things here. It doesn’t dim year by year. And I would plant another one this year but I am wanting to sell this house and Clematis are one of those plants that require patience. They just don’t reach their potential for a number of years. This little beauty has been in place for 3 years. It has grown every year but it has never bloomed….until this week.

img_6038 Hmmmm, I seem to have forgotten to move the squirrel baffle that fell off the deck rail. I think the time has passed and this will now be another “interesting” aspect of the garden.

I meant to do this. Yeah, yeah, I did.

img_6033 Of course all is not sunshine and roses in the garden. Heck there aren’t any roses and never will be due to the horrors I suffered when taking care of my father’s rose garden years ago.

Horror I tell you.

This was the biggest, blackest slug I have ever seen. Sorry the picture is a bit fuzzy but I was fighting my “fight or flight” response and wanted to run screaming into the house…where I would have gotten a rubber glove so that I could pick the slug off the sedum, throw it to the ground and stomp on it with a resounding SQUISH!


Peace and Harmony….and slugs.

img_6044A And speaking of sedum, as we were. This is something that my mother gave me. Be wary, be very wary about accepting sedum from parental units. Oh yes, it is lovely but… doesn’t stay where you put it….
img_6042                    Ahhhhhhh, Peace and Harmony…..and the occasion slug.


  1. What an amazing garden!! Toilets, bedpans and all....I would love to have such a spot. I have a tiny backyard but I do have some lovelies growing in what space I have.

    We both seem to have the same response to slugs however you are braver than I. I was cleaning out my small fountain when I discovered several hiding underneath. I'm sure they were not happy when I panicked and dropped the fountain on their squishy little bodies. Sayonara creepy little slugs. :)

  2. I love the photos on your page, they remind me of gardens past. I used to have forget-me-nots, just loved them. Thank you for the walk down memory lane!


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