Thursday, May 27, 2010

Let’s Have a Wedding Shall We!

I will say in advance that this will be a long post with many pictures.

Please tell me that you are not surprised by this.

I had intended to actually cover the events of the day in two posts but due to the unfortunate indoor waterfall incident I have decided to just go for the gusto and give you one big wedding post. It seems more fitting to do that somehow.
So go and grab a cup of the elixir of life and plant your behind in the chair for some wedding festivities.
It seemed like we had been thinking about the wedding and talking about it an planning for it for so long and then, all of a sudden, it was upon us.
img_6527 The day started off fairly early with breakfast, cooked by Mimi, who spent the week feeding the multitudes (thanks mom!). All too quickly it was time for TEO and I to hop in the car and go to have her hair and makeup done.
img_6544A Going from this……
img_6568 To this lovely creation….
img_6536 Requires the use of many, many of these. Watching the stylist do TEO’s hair was like watching someone build a building. Very architectural.
img_6589A Then there was time in the make up chair. This girl was an artist. Seriously! She was mixing things and applying things. I was fascinated.
img_6593 Voila! The finished product. And a beautiful one it was. That hair was not going ANYWHERE.

Then it was on to the church to do the actual “getting ready” part of the day. We hung around for a bit, I watched the girls all working on their hair. There was a lot of curling iron and straightener action going on and I just tried to stay out of the way.

I practiced walking in these….
img_6272_thumb2                                 The Shoes of Eventual Phalanges Death.
They are lovely but……after awhile I was wondering if I had perhaps lost my toes to frostbite sometime back because I sure couldn’t feel them. Aw who needs toes anyways when your shoes are so awesome.
img_6607 We ordered several of these. The bridesmaids were very hungry. I know these girls and when they are hungry they need to be fed NOW. And we didn’t want anyone fainting. Oh if only the groomsmen had thought the same thing……

And then it was time.

Everyone was in the sanctuary. The grandmothers and mothers had been seated. The unity candle had been lighted. The bridesmaids had successfully navigated their way down the aisle. The flower girl and ring bearer had made it all the way to TASiL and been rewarded with candy. Emmie took her position as flower girl VERY seriously and methodically threw flowers out of her basket.

I stood up so that everyone else would stand up. Did you know this? That the mother of the bride has to start the whole standing up when the bride appears thing. If Jen, the wedding coordinator, hadn’t told me that it was my job to stand up first we would still be sitting there and wondering when things would get going. How come I didn’t know this?
img_6614 This is TASiL’s face when first seeing TEO. How sweet is that.
img_6615 Sorry for the quality of the picture. I might have been smiling a lot and shedding one or two tears at this point so I wasn’t paying too much attention to the camera and the metering. Oops.
img_6624A May I present Josh and Meghan Cutherell. They will now be known as The Married One and The Son-in-Law (TMO and TSiL).

And then it was on to the reception where we tried to get over the fainting groomsman, yes, rolling eyes back in head and having to be helped to the floor and all that. The minister didn’t break stride and the ceremony just kept right on.
img_6643AWhat you can’t see is that it was raining. Not hard but drizzly. They didn’t get too many pictures outside.
img_6647AWe spent the evening eating really good food, visiting with family and friends, eating wedding cake (Oh how I love Buttercream frosting and vanilla wedding cake. I.LOVE.IT), snacking on the candy buffet. Man, once people knew what all that candy was for they just grazed and grazed and filled up their little bags. I still had a ton of candy to take home.

There were speeches (one given by yours truly), poetry written by the father of the groom, a video presentation put together by HHBL (it was AWESOME) and the progeny even gave  a 25th anniversary tribute to HHBL and I. It was so sweet and full of inside jokes that made others scratch their heads in confusion but made those in the know laugh hilariously.

And then there was dancing

Oh boy was there dancing.

And then, finally the last song was played, TMO and TSiL left, we cleaned up, went back home and collapsed into bed.

And a good time was had by all.

But I don’t want to do this again for a few more years at least.

Well not unless one of the other progeny can manage to plan a wedding on the beach in Hawaii. I am all up for that.


  1. Now for some pics of you please?

  2. Awww...I love the photos ~ I was even getting a bit emotional. I probably would have been blubbering if I had actually been at the wedding!!

    "The Shoes of Eventual Phalanges Death"...I laughed when I read this because I must have their twin! The shoes I had were so cha-cha that I just had to have them. About halfway through my day, I felt as if someone had cut off my toes....I actually expected to look down and see blood pouring from my toes they hurt so bad. Sadly I had to give up the cha-cha shoes....or give up walking! :)

  3. What a perfect couple they make! Your daughter is a beauty. I'm glad you survived the shoes - they truly are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing this very special day! -Tammy

  4. We enjoyed the pictures so much--what a lovely wedding. We hope to see more--I want to see the Mother of the bride--the father too. DW

  5. Very nice, but I also want to see one of you!

  6. I've been reading via Bloglines, but I had to come here and say how much I enjoyed the wedding pictures! What a beautiful family & a radiant bride.

  7. Yes ~ I agree, we need to see the finished Mother Of The Bride look!! Thanks for sharing the pictures ~ the girls are all beautiful and Dan looks so sweet during the dance with his little girl. Congrats!

  8. Beautiful Family, Beautiful Wedding, Beautiful Day, and Beautiful Photos. Thank you for sharing it all, Deb! Congratulations!

  9. Congratulations! I hope the bride and groom will be very happy together.

  10. Your daughter is an incredibly beautiful bride! I love the photo of the minister with that look on his face towards your husband, priceless. As is the last photo, I love it!

    I am a little miffed though...are you keeping us in suspense? surely you wouldn't do that to us, would you? We must see the mother of the bride in all her finery, pretty please?

  11. She looked SO GORGEOUS! She really did, the dress fit her perfectly and I love the buttons and the cut. Her hair and make-up were flawless.

    Those shoes were fabulous- you know how I love peep toes. You really don't need to feel your toes anyway.

    I can't believe one of the groomsmen fainted... thats hilarious. I wonder if he was locking his knees. I'm glad he was OK but I would have lost it to a fit of giggles during the ceremony.

  12. Oh and I know this is weird but I really like the shot of the bobby pins.


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