Friday, November 20, 2009

7 Quick Takes (Vol 48)

And here is your video for the day. It is so cute. Thanks to Dr. Wes for posting it.

Men who wear cologne, this PSA (Public Service Announcement) is brought to you by all of us who have marginally functioning senses of smell. We greatly appreciate that you want to smell good. We women like to smell good as well and we appreciate it in others. But, if in the morning you put on enough cologne to bring down a bull elephant in full charge mode. You have put on too much. Please, please stop. Our noses thank you.

I go to Michaels yesterday for two things. TWO. THINGS. And I end up spending $35 and I came home with alot more that two things. I cannot be trusted in a craft store. I just can't be trusted. I don't even visit all the different departments when I go there for the love of Pete! Oh well. And I have to say that the yarn that I went there to purchase doesn't really work for the project so I found something from the stash that did. Sigh.

OK, this is how cool the interent is, and Facebook for that matter. So, I am on the internet (no surprise there) and I have several windows open in Firefox one of which is Facebook. I am perusing the morning headlines, into reading about the healthcare debacle that is going to happen (sorry, strayed into politics there) and I hear that little "pop" that means that someone has sent you a message via "Chat". I almost missed it. And low and behold it was the Almost Son-in-Law all the way in India wanting to chat. We are rarely on Facebook at the same time, considering that it is 11 1/2 hours time difference between Chez Knitting and where he is serving in India. We had a very nice "chat". He will be back in the states, along with The Engaged One, in about a months time. We are very excited to see them both!

I just sit here and think, "How cool is technology that I could chat with him 'real time' with me here and him there!" Amazing.

I really love my ipod, I listen to it all the time. I love the instant gratification of it, that if I hear a song that I like but don't have that I can go onto itunes and download it.....for a nominal fee of course. But I think, and I am going to show my age here, that there is something that has been lost by being able to download just one song from an "album". I do that all the time. I download one song by an artist that I don't really know, just because I love the song, I did it this morning with Jay Sean's "Down". But I remember when I was still buying records and then CDs that often there would be a song that wouldn't be one that would be a hit on the radio but that I would love it. Sort of the "B" side song (for those who still remember 45s). There are so many songs that I absolutely love that never got air play but that I know about because they were on an album that I bought. That is what is lost by buying songs one at a time. Of course, as I sit here and write this I am rocking out to "Down" and then next up is "I Gotta A Feeling" by the Black Eyed Peas, another "orphan" song on my ipod. I needed upbeat music this morning and that certainly qualifies.

I have to give credit to My Cup 2 Yours for introducing me to the Jay Sean song in a roundabout way. It was on a video she posted this week.

Look for a post next week (I think) about my weird musical tastes. I prefer to think of them as eclectic thank you very much.

Speaking of itunes and ipods, if you have one do you use the "Playlist" feature? I didn't used to but I have become a total playlist fanatic thanks to The Shoe Queen and Cartoon Girl. They are both playlisters extrodinaire and got me hooked. I have lists for walking and working and musicals and upbeat (using that one a lot lately). Love, love, love play lists. But then I love lists of any kind. In fact, if Umberto Eco can do an exhibition at the Louvre on lists then we know they are essential, even if they are only playlists.

Note to self. Do not read a book on the 1934 Cleveland Torso murders while you are in bed. It is assuredly going to give you weird and disturbing dreams during the night.

You might be asking yourself why I was reading that anyways. It is because, like with my musical tastes, I have an eclectic taste in reading. It is just the way that I am.


  1. Cute video! I have the same problem at Michaels, unless I go with my husband. : )
    I am very intersted to hear about your eclectic music tastes.
    Have a great day!

  2. I spent more than 40 years working in an OR on a pretty much daily basis, and thought I'd seen everything. Apparently not.

  3. 1. Makes me want to get engaged again. getting engaged is so fun!

    2. FOR REALLLLL! There are two men that I work with how were buckets of cologne. You can literally follow the trail of cologne to find them. GROSS. On days like yesterday when I was fighting a migraine, the smell makes me gag.

  4. Debbie are you down, down, down, down.... dooowwwn, doooowwwn?!

    Of course you are! I admire your musical spunk.

  5. If you like playlists (which I love too, btw), you may also really like Check it out! It's really REALLY cool!

    (Just so you know: you can listen on your computer or a BluRay player that has wireless internet capabilities.)

  6. I wanted to make sure to finally tell you that I laugh every time I see the name of your blog. I think it's hilarious! I'm a knitter too. :)

    I used to be the same way in any kind of craft store. And sock yarn doesn't count towards stash, so that was my massive downfall. Now I have a budget given to me in cash so that I can't "accidentally" go over.

  7. Oh, dear. *insert heavy sigh* Now I have to go and google another serial killer because the curiosity always gets me. I like your blog, by the way.


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