Monday, March 3, 2008

Oh poor blog, I have neglected you so. Here it is Monday evening and I haven't posted anything. I do have an excuse, I really do. I was...... scrapbooking. Yes, I say it with pride. I was indulging in one of my passions.

I spent 24 hours standing around cutting pictures, placing pictures, journaling, all those things that go along with scrapbooking.

The weekend started out rather sloppy. The weather was absolutely horrible, rain/sleet/snow mixture, and I had to drive an hour and a half south to get to the bed and breakfast. I figured - wrongly I might add - that the weather would get better south of Canton. It usually always does. Not this time. Of course, when the weather is like that then it means that there are always people doing 50mph on the highway when they could EASILY do the speed limit. Sigh.

Anyways, I arrived safe and sound, checked in, unloaded the car and started scrapping. You might ask how much did I really need to take, I was only staying 24 hours. If you ask that question then you definitely don't scrap book. I had to take all my paper, because I didn't know what I might need. I needed all my stickers, all my cutting tools and almost all of my punches. It was not an insignificant amount of stuff. I am used to having everything at my finger tips in my workshop so it was rather nerve wracking to decide what to take. I made good decisions thankfully.

What do women scrapbooking do besides cut pictures and kvetch to our hearts content? Why we eat of course. We all brought snacks and drinks (no alcohol, that doesn't go well with cropping pictures. Too much alcohol tends to make you crop your mother-in-law out of pictures). We nibbled all night long and even the next day after the HUGE, GIGANTIC breakfast that Paul and Naomi served us.

I am ashamed to admit how many chips I ate as well as candy and cookies and oh you get the picture. I thoroughly enjoyed every calorie. Yum

Besides all the snacks, we were fed an enormous breakfast. There was ham with raisin sauce (a personal favorite of mine), egg/cheese/bread casserole, muffins, fruit slush, hash browns with optional cheese sauce AND sticky buns. It just kept coming and coming. I felt like I needed to go out, hitch up the Belgians and go plow a field to get rid of some of those calories. Of course, I didn't turn any of that food down. I'm not a idiot you know.

Here we are, the happy scrappers, ready to get back to work.


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