Thursday, March 6, 2008


Look what I have created!! Foccacia.

I love to bake, especially yeast breads of any kind. There is something magical about putting all that stuff together and having a warm, yeasty loaf of something eventually come out of the oven. Now, of course, there are times of absolute failure. I managed to make some hamburger buns several weeks ago that came out like hockey pucks because I had killed the yeast. I knew that I should check the temperature on that water one more time before I added it to the yeast to proof but I was in a hurry. I also knew fairly early on in the process that I was going to have a problem. The dough wasn't rising very well (make that not at all really). I went ahead and baked them but I knew what the eventual outcome would be. I just had to go to the end of the process before I gave up on them. What came out of the oven that first time more closely resembled something from the NHL than something that would enrobe my hamburger patties. I had to make an entire second batch (which turned out much better but I still need to work on the recipe).

These loaves were produced with the instant rise yeast that doesn't need to be "proofed". The recipe makes two loaves. Dan and I managed to finish off most of one loaf with dinner. Some olive oil and Parmesan cheese to dip the bread in......YUM!

Ashley, I will definitely make this while you are home next week.

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  1. Hoorah!! I'm a big bread person. Dad being on Atkins was TORTURE. As I type this, I am noshing on a piece of cheese bread :D


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