Saturday, March 29, 2008

It's Opening Day!!!!!

Yes folks it is Opening Day for baseball. A day that I look forward to from the end of October when the last pitch is thrown at the World Series. Opening Day. The Indians will be playing the Chicago White Sox beginning at 3:05p.

Of course, here in the Cleveland area the weather isn't too baseball conducive this early in the season. It is in the low 50's at the moment with a threat of rain hanging over our heads. I would very much like to talk to the people in the league who set up the schedule. Is there some reason why we can't be on the road for the first several weeks and then have a later home opener? Last year we had three games that were SNOWED out. Yes, you read correctly, snowed out. That is not my image of what baseball weather is all about.

This year, unlike in years past, we will not have season tickets. Because of the way our summer is shaping up we have decided to just go to games on a casual basis, going down town and buying tickets shhh from a scalper or at the ticket window. That way we can sit in various places in the park. Of course, that doesn't mean that I won't REALLY miss our seats from last year. They were sweet. 10 rows from the field on the 1st base side. Excellent. However, they were just our seats for one year (sigh) since we had a friend who wanted to take a break from his season tickets but didn't want to give them up entirely. So, thanks David for the wonderful seats last year.

So, today I will sit down in my nice comfy house and spend several hours with the boys of summer. I can hardly wait! This is our year, I can just feel it. Of course, I say that every year (we won't talk about 1997).

GO TRIBE!!!!!!!!!!


  1. This is the year for the Chicago Cubs - fans are tired of saying "Wait till next year." After all, it's only been one hundred years since the Cubs won the World Series

  2. Well Dad, we will just have to disagree about that at the moment.


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