Monday, March 24, 2008

He Just can't help himself

I am a pitiful dog. I can't help myself sometimes. I miss my people when they are away. I have to get into mischief when they are gone. I know, I know. I had been good for a long time. We don't have to go over the Lasagna Incident. That is water under the bridge. Nor does my mistress have to bring up AGAIN the fact that I couldn't stop myself from eating that 1/2 pound of cooked bacon, or a part of the birthday cake, or the cookies, or.......

When my people went off to Easter Sunday service I said I would be good. It was Easter after all. But I was lonely and the container that had held that yummy Kringle was sitting on the counter and I just had to sniff it...and take it back to my house....and lick it just a little...and then tear it into little pieces...and FINALLY to take a nap on it. Mistress didn't yell at me, probably because she was laughing too hard.


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