Monday, March 24, 2008

*&%^%$##$#%% weather

Let's see. Look at calendar. Month of the year is March. Check! Day of the month is the 22nd (I am a tad late posting). Check! First day of Spring was the 21st. Check! Then why the heck did we get 7 inches of new snow last night? It looks like January out there not March. Easter is upon us (OK, OK Easter was yesterday, so sue me, I'm a tad slow). This is just ridiculous.

I was so depressed about the snow that I decided to wear my new, Spring green socks that I finished today. They make me happy. Aren't they lovely. It took me longer than usual to get them done (almost a month) but they were worth it. The yarn was Pagewood Farm hand dyed sock yarn, 100% super wash Merino. Nancy Martin, my knitting "go to" woman gave me the yarn. Yes, I said GAVE me the yarn. I know how much the skein cost so THANK YOU Nancy.

I immediately cast on the next pair of socks as I am in "training" for Sock Wars. I fully expect to be slaughtered in the first round but I will give it the old college try.


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