Thursday, March 27, 2008

Road kill anyone?

What does it signal when the buzzards start hanging out in your woods? Should we, perhaps, be worried about something? Is there something in the woods that we don't know about.

I feel like I should start singing that song from "Jungle Book". You know the one where the buzzards are all hanging around singing, "We're your friends. We're your friends. We're your friends to the bitter end."

This is the third day that this lovely fellow has come to hang out in the trees next to my driveway. It is really creepy to look up and see a buzzard staring down into your window.

By the way, your factoid for the day is this. Do you know that the Lord gave buzzards a bald head for a reason. They are always eating things that are less than savory, dead and smelly actually (the more the better evidently). The bald head means that their feathers don't get fouled with all the stuff that they eat. Pretty cool eh. Now you are ready for your next round of Jeopardy!

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