Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Congrats Ashley!!!

My oldest progeny, Ashley, is a student at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan in the Cartooning and Illustration department. We still aren't sure where she got her artistic talent. Dan and I were obviously out getting coffee when the Lord came by with the ability to draw. Ashley has been drawing since she was a small child and she has always been good, she has just gotten better.

Today was the day that she had to turn in her Junior Year Thesis. All the cartooning/illustration majors spend their junior year working on a large thesis project. They are told what the theme is at the beginning of the year, they must submit their thesis subject to the head of the department who gives the go/no go. Then they spend time doing research and developing an 18 page comic. Now for most of us that doesn't sound like a lot of work. I can hear you saying, "Heck, I could do that! What's to writing a comic book." I know you are saying that because I said that at one point in time, until I learned how much work goes into writing comics. You can't just do any old thing that you want. There are actually fairly strict rules. Who knew! Anything that requires 7 months to complete is an intensive project.

Anyways, Ashley had to turn in the project this morning and have the head of the department review them. There is a fair amount riding on this. Obviously her grade but almost more importantly is a chance to show her work in the all school end of the year art show. Very few get in.......... Ashely did!!!!!! Tom (the department head, who has the most amazing tatoos I might add) said that she definitely had a spot, one of only three from her particular class.


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  1. :D Yay!! I am happy that I got in. Maybe now this weird twitch above my eye will go away.


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