Friday, February 29, 2008

Scrapping 1

I am off today to spend 24 glorious hours scrap booking to my hearts content. I am all quivery inside with excitement.

I didn't even know what scrap booking was until 2003. I have a friend who is a consultant for a major seller of scrapbook stuff and I innocently asked her what this "scrap booking thing" is that everyone is talking about. She had me over to her house and showed me the light and I have been hooked ever since.

It isn't for everyone and if you aren't inspired to do it then you shouldn't bother. However, it really strikes a cord with me. Who wouldn't want the opportunity to spend 24 hours scrapbooking with other like minded individuals. So, I am going to hunker down and try to finish up the scrapbooks that I am doing for the middle daughter, who is already in college. I am WAY behind on what I need to be doing as far as scrapping in concerned. When I put it that way, that I am way behind on what I "need" to have done, it sounds like a distasteful job but it isn't. I just have so many projects that are swirling around in my head that if I don't schedule regular "scrapping" times then I don't get work done and I get frustrated. Yes Ashley, I know that is really nerdy but I revel in my nerdiness.

So, I am off to crop with the rest of my friends. Talk to ya later.


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