Friday, February 22, 2008


Sock yarn, sock yarn everywhere. This little pile represents the increase to my sock yarn stash that has happened JUST THIS WEEK, for the love of Pete. I have absolutely no control when it comes to sock yarn. There are some really soft Superwash Merino from KnitPicks, and several hand dyed hanks (that cost a arm and a leg), some Panda Cotton which is made with bamboo. Lovely, lovely.

I am relatively new to the art of knitting socks but I love it. To be honest, the urge to knit socks was one of the reasons that I took up knitting again. They are so much fun and when you are wearing a pair of hand knit socks people look at you like you are a genius. I try to encourage that part of it, I need all the help that I can get.

Another advantage of hand knit socks is that they are warmer on my feet and in my part of the country, in the good old wintertime that is a real plus.

You know that it is a serious kind of knitting addiction when you are willing to plunk down $27 for enough yarn to make ONE, yes I said ONE pair of socks.


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