Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday morning stuff

Monday is my grocery shopping and errand day. I knew that you wanted to know that. Anyways, I am always listening to what other people are saying or doing in line at the grocery store. Sometimes it is amazing. I overheard a conversation between two young women in the grocery store, both moms I would think from the flow of the conversation. They were commiserating on the high grocery bills they have every week because of what they buy. The "gist" of the conversation was that they buy so much because they never know what their kids want to eat or if they will like what has been prepared. Evidently if their children turned up their noses at what had been cooked then mom made something else. It took a lot for me not to lean over and say, in my best Dr. Phil voice, "What are you thinkin'!" This is a pet peeve of mine. Who says a mom who is doing the cooking has to have "Short Order Cook" written on her forehead. Ask my kids what my response was when they said they didn't want to eat what I had cooked. Go ahead and ask them! I think it went somewhat along the lines of, "Eat what is on your plate. That is what we have and do you see short order cook written on my brow? If you don't like it that is fine, you are entitled to your opinion but you will eat one bite of it. If you don't wish to eat you may be excused but there is nothing else to eat until tomorrow morning." Sounds harsh but my kids will eat just about anything now. Of course, they all have their dislikes (care for some broccoli Ashley) but they are adventuresome eaters even as adults or almost adults.

Another little pet peeve, while I am on a roll, is people who don't expend some energy to bag their own groceries. These same two women stood there and chatted while the cashier rang up items and then stopped to bag, then rang up more items, then bagged some more. All the time the line was getting longer. Can they not talk and bag at the same time? Can they not chat with the service person who is waiting on them? Grrrrrrrrrrr. Petty I know but I feel like venting.

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  1. I appreciate you! I certainly can't grocery shop and cook. I would eat pop-tarts and cookies all day.


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