Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Play Ball!

Do you realize that Opening Day for baseball is just over a month away. I quiver at the thought. I LOVE baseball. Can I say it again, I LOVE baseball. The months between Opening Day and the last pitch of the World Series are a desert wasteland for me.

Now, I didn't always love baseball. Growing up that just wasn't my thing, unless I could take a book with me and read. However, I married a fellow who grew up playing baseball and loves the game. The addiction has grown slowly over the years. We purchased season tickets the year that Jacob's Field opened, as a business expense you see. I went to 10 games that year and thought it was OK. At some point, after 1994, I was bitten by the "baseball bug". I don't know when it happened, I just know that I was infected and there is no cure. My dh will tell you that I watch more Cleveland Indians games than he does. Two years ago I taught myself how to score a baseball game and that just made the entire experience better.

I won't ever understand the real intricacies of the game but I don't think that it matters really. If I am not watching an Indians game there is always another game to watch or I can go to my husband's baseball games (he plays on two teams this year). There are infinite ways to feed the habit. You know that you are addicted when you are physically at the game, scoring the game AND listening to Tom Hamilton on the radio because you need the extra play by play and color to make the whole experience.

The only complaint I have is with whoever sets up the season schedule. What idiot wants to play opening day in Cleveland on March 31st!! Hello, we will quite possibly still have snow on the ground. The temp definitely won't be higher than 50F if we are lucky. Last year we had THREE games that were snowed out. Let us play on the road, someplace warmer, for several weeks and then have opening day. Snow and parkas are for Cleveland Browns games NOT Indians games.


  1. I do love going to see the Tribe :D The whole experience is wonderful: the hot dogs, getting to tell people to move if they're in our seats, and the Beer Guy. Of course the Indians rock, but the whole thing is a lot of fun.

    And I agree, what brain trust thought to play BASEBALL in CLEVELAND in MARCH. We're still recovering from winter at that point.

    Love you, Mom!!

  2. Pathetic.

    Remember the World Series of 1995? Atlanta? I was THERE! And we WON!

    Just kidding. Not a big baseball fan. I just happened to live in Atlanta for a couple of years when the boys were little, so we developed a love for the Braves. Aside from that, I think baseball players make too much money.

    Question: is dh "dear hubby" or designated hitter"?

  3. I LOVE Baseball. Baaaseball been berry, berry good to me. You've won over Ashley as well.

  4. "DH" would definitely be dear hubby


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