Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dad on his 70th

Today is my father's 70th birthday. Congratulations dad!!

I have thought a while about what I might post on his natal day. What do you say about a guy who is the best dad in the world. If your father is great too then we can debate that at another time but I am just telling you that my dad is the greatest. He is a man of many talents, sort of a Renaissance man if you will. He knows a lot about a lot of things and if there is something that he doesn't know about then he does the research until he gets the answer. Very organized, very thorough, very funny. That is probably what made him a good doctor. Nothing much got by him. Believe me, I would know because it was very difficult to get away with anything.

My dad is the fellow who took me to the doctor every month when I was so sick in High School. He drew my blood for my weekly blood tests and made sure that it was as painless as possible. He made sure that I understood what the tests were that they were going to do and what they meant. He never conveyed to me how worried he and mom MUST have been over a blood disorder that it took a year to diagnose.

My dad is the fellow that drummed safety into us.... and then stuck his hand under the running lawn mower to clean out a clog. Not smart, not smart at all. He still has all his fingers but it was rather disconcerting to see him do the "pain dance" as he poured alcohol on his profusely bleeding hand.

I received many things from Dad. My love of books and reading, obsessive organization, my temper (sorry dad but it is true), love of photography, love of food. More things than I can list in one post.

He is the man who:
- loved to pick up any comb that he found in any parking lot
- has an ongoing battle with all critters who would dare to eat his landscaping or dig holes in his lawn.
- did in his knee while skiing in Colorado...but saved his camera from harm. Excellent priorities!
- coined our family phrase "lower eschelon drone" while trying to straighten out a problem with some tickets ordered
but not received.
- is a closet pyromaniac. Loves to play with large bonfires at the cottage. Loves to play with the small flames on candles.
You get the picture.

I could go on but you don't have the time to read all my memories and Blogger might kick me out for such a long post. Anyways, I love you dad!! Have a great birthday. Eat a lot of cake and have a good glass of wine.

Your little Bookworm


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