Saturday, September 21, 2013

Day 131–I Needed Orange

Day 131 - I Needed Orange

I dyed fiber for the first time yesterday… that is all I can think about. I realized that I didn’t have enough orange yarn selections for my Blanket of Never Ending Mitered Squares (big blanket, fingering yarn, small squares. Idiot). But I didn’t want to actually go out and buy yarn just for that. It seemed out of the spirit of the reason for the project, to use UP the massive amount of fingering weight yarn that I have because of my sock knitting obsession.

And then I got to thinking about the fact that I had some KnitPicks Bare, fingering weight, that I had used for a pair of socks for Shoe Queen. Hmmmmmmm.

And so the Fruit Stripes yarn was born.

And this stuff DOES smell like Fruit Stripes gum because I dyed it using KoolAide. Which begs the question, if you can dye fiber with the stuff then why would you EVER actually drink it.

By the way, I am using Flickr A LOT more now that they have changed everything around, given more storage space and changed the interface. It is awesome for displaying photos in the way I like to see them. I will still be posting the photos here (because you would all yell at me otherwise) but I will also be posting them, and more of my other work, over there. Go find me….

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