Saturday, September 14, 2013

Day 128–A Wisp of Smoke

Day 128 - A Whisp of Smoke

I blew out the candle and immediately became fascinated by the smoke. That meant that I needed to then go and get the tripod, play with lenses and then light and blow out the candle multiple times.

All on a Saturday morning.

Good thing Sylvia, the neighbor next door, had her blinds down because otherwise she might have thought that I was a bit on the strange side.

I am continuing on with my 365 Project as we can see but obviously, since this is only photo #128 and we are almost 3/4 of the way through 2013 then I haven’t be consistent.

It has been that kind of year.

But I am just going to post as I can and then starting in 2014 we will see if I can do it again. Next year, as far as I know, I will not have a wedding to work on or an unexpected (but very welcome) house sale and move.

Also, I am toying with putting all the 365 photos up on Flickr. And I would have done it today but……Flickr is having some, shall we say, difficulties with their uploader at the moment. And I am just tired of fussing. I will let you know when I move everything over. Their new interface is awesome and makes viewing photos all the better.


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