Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Baby Steps

Sometimes it is the little things that finally make us feel at home in the place that we live. At least that is the way that it is for me.

Don’t get me wrong, I have felt sort of “at home” here at Chez Knit Deux since almost the moment that we waved good bye to the movers yuck patooee, closed the door and took in the mess. But you don’t really feel at home until you accomplish some of the things at the new house that you did at the old house.

Yesterday I dealt with 25 pounds of tomatoes that were asking to be made into pizza sauce and pasta sauce. It just feels weird to make those things in a new place. All your movements that you didn’t really have to think about because you had done them so often in your work space now have to be re-thought. I have a third of the counter space at Chez Knit that I had at OCK. I cannot just spread out like Jabba the Hut all over every spare inch of space. I have to think about what I am doing where. But once I was finished with 14 cups of pizza sauce and the I don’t know how many cups of pasta sauce, I felt more at home.

Just a side note. If you have white tile floors AND white cabinets…….making tomato sauce of any kind can be a really interesting experience. By the time I was done yesterday a good portion of my kitchen looked like a very grizzly crime scene.

No one ever said I was a neat cook.

Today I broke out the sewing machine and sewed up something for Chez Knit. In Brecksville I am supposed to put my newspaper recycling in those plastic bags that you get from the grocery store. But only the BLUE plastic bags. I had been stuffing those things in a corner in one of the pantry closets in the kitchen. The blue bag blob had gotten to critical mass stage this week and wouldn’t assimilate even one more bag. I tried. It all came popping out at me. So I just sewed up one of those little tube things that you can store your plastic bags in.

And now I feel just a bit more at home in my work space.



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