Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Day 69–I See You

Day 69 - I See You

Canon 450D; Tamron 18-270 @ 270mm; ISO 400; f10; 1/15 sec

A little “quirk” that I have is that when I am shooting an interior, especially if that shoot includes a bathroom or two…..

I take a picture of myself behind the lens in a mirror….or any shiny surface for that matter. This doesn’t happen if the client is following me around obviously. THAT would be strange.

This reflection just happened to be in my own kitchen. I had washed out the milk bottle that is slated to be returned for deposit. It was draining on the counter when I noticed the reflection in it….

And that caused me to grab Old Faithful because I was really interested in that unusual shape that the moisture had made. But when I leaned down to photograph that I saw my reflection in the glass and decided that was the picture I was looking for.


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