Monday, October 1, 2012

Everyday Things

HHBL will tell you that sometimes I just sort of stop what I am doing and run to get The Beast because I have to take a picture of something right this very instant.

Right. Now.

And he will ask me what I am taking a photograph of and I will say,

Oh, the light was just perfectly shining on that acorn out there and I had to have a photograph of it.

What is he supposed to say to that?

Yeah, not much. I see the world in pictures. It’s how I roll.

Today it was the basket of hangers in the laundry room.

Oct 1aOct 1bOct 1cOct 1d

I don’t know what but the whole “laundry tableau” just sort of struck me as interesting.

Not you?


Well I am searching around for a personal photo project and it might just be the beauty of the ordinary….

Or not.

It is just that sometimes I really need, I mean really NEED to have a personal photo project that is in no way connected to the work that I do for clients. Something that I am shooting for myself.

We will see.

Aren’t you just SOOOOOOO glad that you stopped by today and had a glimpse in my disordered and strangely organized brain. Scary isn’t it.

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  1. in the first two, it was the colors that caught me more than the hangers. Great photos. I love the idea of finding beauty in the ordinary, that would be a good photo series.


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