Tuesday, October 16, 2012

In Which We Step Into The Great Unknown

Today is the day that the cable stops working. No more Discovery Channel. No more Military Channel. No more Bravo!


OK, I have to admit. It isn’t like Time Warner (Yuck, spit, patooee!) came and “took” the cable away. They don’t really want us to go on our merry, and cable free, way. They would like us to stay with them forever.…..

And continue to pay them an exorbitant amount of money for channels that we do not use. Lots and lots and lots of channels that we do not use. Multiples of channels in both regular and HD. I am not sure even how many channels that we had but I know that we watched a very limited number of them. Only the HD channels if I have to be honest. But TW didn’t seem to want to let us pay for only those channels. No, they wanted us to pay for LOADS of channels that we didn’t use.

Nickelodeon. Nope don’t need it.

The Game Show Channel. Really? Really?

Liquidation Channel. I just don’t know what to say about that one.

Soap Channel. Well now that The Guiding Light is gone who cares? Oh, that would be me. I do not care. I don’t think I have watched a soap opera in 20 years.

I could go on but I won’t. We are taking our viewing choices by the balls horns and saying NO MORE! We will not be shaken down by the cable company just for the privilege of unlimited viewing channels. We have Netflix thankyouverymuch. And shelves full of DVDs. And the internet as well. For the small amount of time we spend watching TV this shouldn’t be all that difficult.

And yet, despite knowing that this is definitely the right choice brain wise and financially and every which way…..I am nervous and for some unknown reason upset about it.

No, upset really isn’t a good way to put it because I am not upset per se. I am just nervous. Change makes me nervous and quivery. You know how it is when something that has been there with you for years and years and years isn’t available anymore. You know you don’t really need it and can get along just fine without it but……..

I grew up in the age where there wasn’t any cable. We had ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, WGN and some others that I cannot remember. I lived. I thrived. I read a lot of books. I went outside and occasionally got dirty. I tried to iron my polyester Barbie doll dresses on hot….not a good idea. I didn’t even know what cable TV was until I was in my early teens when I came across it at the house of some friends…..BarbN that would be YOUR house by the way. What was this thing that had multiple, multiple channels. The angels sang and I was hooked. Cable TV and I have walked hand in hand for many years. Happily, if expensively, spending time together. But no more!

I will admit that there will be some channels that I will miss. Discovery. TLC. The History Channel. Bravo! It is going to be a tad more difficult to watch Alaska: The Last Frontier or Yukon Men or any show that starts with The Real Housewives of…… But I can make adjustments. I am strong. I will persevere!

Today we declare our Independence Day!

That sounds like a line from a movie….

Hmmmmmm. Never mind.

I think I will go watch a movie on Netflix Streaming. Do you know that you can watch The Hunt For Red October on streaming. I have worn my DVD out so I can now watch it this way as often as I want. Wherever I want.



  1. I do not have your strength... There would be dark black orbs staring vacantly at me in several rooms. Besides, it will take us a lifetime to get caught up on everything stored on the DVR. We do have a TV in the shop on the little government box with rabbit ears to pull in a couple of local channels. Since we live out in the country, we have to catch them bounced off a repeater - weather can hamper this. We also have Roku on a TV in the bedroom. Okay, you are right - addicted here - and proud of it!!

  2. Really? I have no memory whatsoever of having cable in the 70s. But we did live way out in the sticks, so probably it was the only way we could get TV. I would blame it on Dad being a gear-head, but your Dad is at least as much a gear-head as mine was! :-) I will be interested to see what you think, keep us posted. We switched to DirecTV about a year ago and LOVE it. I guess I look at it like the bill for our internet service-- there's all that stuff out there, you only visit a tiny fraction of it, but you pay for access. We watch: sports, Mythbusters, Big Bang Theory, and Duck Dynasty. And that's about it. But we could probably watch it all online, so maybe we will follow in your footsteps eventually. What are you going to do about basketball? Aren't you a big Cavs fan?

  3. Hi there! Came across your lovely blog and thought I'd mention that we just said YES to cable and I'm not sure why. Well, it was because they gave us a 6 month pkg that worked out to be cheaper than what we have been paying without cable. So, it made financial sense. Silly thing is, I never watch TV, except for Netflix a few nights a week. We'll see if hubby and I end up watching it more than I think we will. I'm actually looking forward to getting rid of it already!


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