Friday, October 19, 2012

7 Quick Takes (Vol 187)


Who stole my week? I want to know who took it and left me one step closer to Winter. That person is in big trouble!

You know the drill. After you are all full and warm and sleepy with the blather here you need to click on the picture above to be whisked, at the speed of my fast increasing bahookie (Halloween candy? What Halloween candy? I don’t see any Halloween candy!), over to Conversion Diary.

I reject your blather and substitute my own!

When doing a baby photo shoot it is always wise to remember several things…

- even if the mom says she sleeps ALL afternoon…..she will not want to sleep when you are there.
- Poop happens. As does pee. (sorry, I said poop)

But even if those problems arise you can still spend time getting your “baby fix”.

And you can take a picture or ten

IMG_0066 a

By the way. You never know what the lighting situation is going to be when you do photo shoots at someone’s home. You just have to be flexible.

This was shot using only natural light coming from a small bank of windows. And I was actually crouching on the bay window sill when I took it.


This is sunrise over Sunny Lake on September 28th.


This is sunrise over Sunny Lake yesterday morning.

It is definitely dark in the mornings now when Sandy, Lea and I set off around the lake. Hence we are now carrying our flashlights.

And it will now be dark in the mornings for a long time.


HHBL blew all the leaves off of the lawn on Saturday and then mowed the grass.

After yesterday’s blowing winds and rain….you would never even know that he did.


Most of the grass is currently covered with obnoxious Maple leaves. And they are damp as well.

Deep and damp Maple leaves are like surly teenagers. No matter how you treat them they always blow back on you and continue to make a mess.

I can guess what HHBL and I will be doing tomorrow if we can get some dry weather today. We will be blowing leaves.

My hands hurt already.

We returned the DVR to Time Warner (Yuck, blech, PATOOIE!) this week to officially divorce ourselves from their cable service. We are done with them.

But they seem to be slow in disconnecting from us it would seem. I can still get the cable channels in the bedroom. I haven’t tried in the basement because it doesn’t matter all that much to me really.

But it was nice to be able to monitor the Tigers/Yankees game yesterday to make sure that the Tigers won and denied the Yankees the ability to have any chance of going to the World Series.

Good job Tigers.

Now if TM would just forget us long enough for me to watch some World Series games that would be nice. But I am not expecting that to happen. They will figure it out eventually.

And besides, I am just not upstairs all that much to make it worthwhile to watch on the bedroom TV anyways. I am just thoroughly making use of my Netflix Streaming. I can get SurvivorMan any time I want! And Mythbusters!

My Instant Queue is growing at an alarming rate. But for some reason HHBL isn’t impressed with my selections. He isn’t all that into documentaries on the most famous sushi master in Japan.

I cannot imagine why?

I am currently obsessed with listening to audiobooks.

I am currently obsessed with listening through a certain series.

The “In Death” series (Eve Dallas and her studly husband Roarke) by J. D. Robb.

I had avoided this series for a long time. Friends raved about it but it just didn’t sound like something that appealed to me. A homicide cop and her business mogul husband solving crimes in 2060AD NYC? And there were like 30 books in the series? How can you sustain momentum through that many books.

I was wrong. And I am actually totally and completely hooked on listening through the series. I would think that by the time 2013 makes an appearance I will have listened through all the books. So far I have listened to…..

Naked in Death, Glory In Death, Immortal (I am not going to write out “In Death” for each of these), Rapture, Ceremony, Vengeance, Conspiracy, Loyalty, Witness, Judgment, Betrayal, Seduction, Reunion, Purity, Portrait, Imitation, Divided, Innocent, Creation.

That’s a lot of murder and mayhem. And make no mistake there is murder and mayhem in these. And there is language. And there is sex….but I definitely skip over that part thanks to the skip forward button. You can always tell when that part is going to arrive. And there is also a whole lot of humor from the supporting cast of characters.

And I just downloaded “Strangers” and “Salvation”.

Thank goodness for the ability to download these right from the library onto my computer and then to the ipod. I love being able to do that.

These wouldn’t appeal to everyone and I really didn’t think they would appeal to me. But I cannot rest until I have made it through the entire series.

But what am I going to do when I am done????

I am patting myself on the back even though you cannot see it.

Pat. Pat. Pat. Pat.

I have already figured out what the gift ornament will be for “The Exchange” this year. To be so early in the thinking/development/making stage is unusual for me.

There have been years (last year cough, cough) when I have been working on them and finishing them up the day before the big party.

But not this year.

I feel all warm and happy and fuzzy inside.

But that might just be the Kit Kat bar I just consumed.

I am firmly convinced that YouTube has everything on it that I need. Yesterday I found that I could watch my favorite Bugs Bunny cartoon from my formative years. I laughed until I cried.

And then I found that I could watch old episodes of Johnny Quest.

Oh be still my beating heart….Race Bannon!!!

I am not going to get anything done today.


  1. Deb - I love your book recommnedations! Jodi

  2. Wow, you are speeding through the in death series. I started reading them about three years ago and am right this very minute almost done with Witness (which I think is #11). She almost lost me on 8, 9 and 10, so I've only been doing another one every six months or so (and mainly because Susan Erickson is such a terrific narrator) but this one is getting me re-hooked, so maybe I will do another one soon.

  3. I'm reminded of the Big Bang Theory episode where everyone was trying to prank Sheldon and Penny kept eating up all her Halloween candy.

    (The stuff is not allowed in the house until October 30th.)


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