Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Who Set This Schedule!

I always thought, wrongly I might add, that when my children finally went off to school and eventually left the house for good that I would have all the time in the world to just do what ever I wanted all day every day.

A leisurely life after years filled with babies and toddlers and all the mayhem that goes with it.

And sometimes there was A LOT of mayhem.

Watch TV all day? I bet I can!

Clean only occasionally? Why not since there won’t be any children around to mess stuff up.

Read for hours and hours and hours? Sounds reasonable to me.

Boy was I wrong in this line of thinking.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.


Alpha how could you have been so wrong in your thinking?

All day yesterday in Pittsburg for work. And as Dots and I were talking so intensely on the way home that we missed our exit…and then got stuck in Joe Biden traffic…….and had to drive WAY out of our way before we got going back in the right direction…….and then I had to get home and feed the dog and do some stuff and then back in the car and go to knitting…..

And now today I am trying to get a weeks worth of other stuff loaded into about eight hours so that I don’t have to think about any of it for the rest of the week and can just focus on family fun activities. Grocery shopping, laundry, photo editing, cleaning, other work issues, projects that must be finished ASAP, baking bread because we ran out…….. DOG HAIR!

Really what ever possessed me to think that bon bons, tea and life on the couch was anywhere in my future.

And if someone could come and blow the leaves off the grass AGAIN and out of all the beds that would be a great big help to me. Even though HHBL and I spent HOURS on Sunday blowing all the dadgum leaves that had the temerity to fall on the grass in the first place! So what if we live in the woods. Does that mean that the leaves have to fall on the grass and not in the woods where they belong and….



Alpha is cranky. I would stay well away from Chez Knit for a while if I were you. I am going into my house now where it is safe and warm.

Safe. Very safe.

I need some coffee.

Or a nice big glass of Chardonnay.

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  1. WHAT......you mean kicking my feet up and eating Bon Bon's isn't in my future. That is not well received news with a hubby in China, 1 child with strep and another with croup. Rhhhhhh!!!


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