Friday, September 28, 2012

7 Quick Takes (Vol 184)


Here we are again. Another week older. Another week wiser. Maybe. Remember your training young Padwan. When you are done committing my blather to memory you need to click on the picture above to be whisked, at the speed of swiftly approaching election, over to Conversion Diary to see what has happened around the globe.

Live long and blather!

I just thought I should let you know…….
Light Bulb

I hate this form of light bulb. I never buy this form of light bulb…or at least I didn’t until yesterday. And that was totally by mistake. We were out of the spot light type of bulbs that go in the recessed fixtures in the kitchen. I swung by Wally Mart to purchase more. That was my first mistake. Looked at the different forms of small “flood” type bulbs. Picked the one that was slightly lower in price ($11 rather than $12.50), muttered about having to pay $11 for FOUR light bulbs, went home, opened the box, found that it contained TWO light bulbs rather than four, had a momentary melt down and then took a closer look at the bulb.

It LOOKED like a regular small flood bulb but on closer inspection I could see that they had just disguised one of the stupid “energy efficient” bulbs in flood clothing.

I figured it couldn’t hurt to install the thing to see what it was like. So I did so.

I uninstalled it 10 seconds later, put it back in it’s box and returned them to Wally Mart straight away. It gives off less light than a small candle and is of absolutely no use to me.

I then went to the local Home Depot and bought TWELVE good flood bulbs for a third of the price.

My walking buddies and I have decided that we are not getting enough exercise. So we are going to be walking 4-5 days a week instead of the three days a week that we have been walking for the last three years. We all met at Curves when we were working out there and when our Curves 1. moved to a different part of town and 2. acquired a new owner who thought that opening at 8:30a was sufficient for everyone (NOT!) we decided to just walk together.

But we aren’t working hard enough.

This should help. Although my legs are not all that happy with me at the moment. And I will not be walking with Sandy and Lea on Tuesdays. You see, Tuesdays are my iron clad  “stay at home” day. HHBL has a 6a Bible Study group (so he leaves the house at 5:30a) and he also teaches at Kent State on Tuesday afternoon and evening so I have an entire day to just crank out work. I guard Tuesdays jealously. Ask LaurenLeap.

I went to the library yesterday intending ONLY to drop off books and to pick up just two books that had come in for me.

And I walked out with 6 books, two of which have 700+ pages.

Why do I do that? What comes over me? I am dazzled by the titles and the thought of all that knowledge. And of course they aren’t just light reading. Nope.

Winter of the World by Ken Follett
The Great Big Book of Horrible Things by Matthew White
On The Eve by Bernard Wasserstein
The Story of a Life by Aharon Appelfeld
The World: Travels 1950-2000 by Jan Morris
New Ways to Kill Your Mother by Colm Toibin  (NOT what you think it is Mom!!)

And I am still finishing up:
A New Shoah by Giulio Meotti
Leave None to Tell the Story by Alison De Forges (although this one I own in pdf form)

Yes, I suffer from Bibliographic Obesity. No wonder the librarians all know me by first name.

LaurenLeap and I have a “garden clean up” day scheduled for today. There is no rain in the forecast, the sky is sunny and cheerful.

And there is A LOT to do in the garden to begin to put things “to bed”. There are more potatoes to be dug. There are the last tomatoes to be harvested and the vines pulled up. We still have green beans that are producing. There are beets that need to be harvested. The broccoli is STILL producing side heads. There is lettuce. There are Brussels sprouts, although we will leave those until after frost hits.

We had some of the garden potatoes last night with our roast chicken. Oh are they good.

The basil was all harvested last week and I have dried my portion of it. We are set for basil for until next year’s garden.

I would guess that there will be a “summing up” garden post in the next couple of weeks. Try to contain your excitement.

This time of year I absolutely crave sweets and carbohydrates. I am like a bear preparing for hibernation. If I was a bear I would be out eating berries, salmon and small tourists in preparation for a long winter sleep. As it is there are no berries handy. I have to go to the store to get salmon. And I have very little hankering for small, chewy tourists.

And I ate the last of the bread for breakfast.

And there isn’t anything of a sweet nature in the house. Well, there is that bag of Peanut Butter M&Ms that is hidden in the freezer. But as long as it stays unopened it also stays unconsumed.

And even though I love dehydrated apples and we are eating them by the handful….they just don’t satisfy somehow.

I am going to have to bake something today. Something seriously good.


Can I tell you how much I love my job. I really, really love being a photographer.



I get to take photos of fabulous kitchens. I mean REALLY fabulous kitchens.




IMG_0182 a

Who wouldn’t love this job!

Well, there was going to be a photo collage here from my Friday iPhone photo dump. But PSE is being obstreperous today so I am just giving them to you individually.

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  1. Your photography is stupendous! Never give up your Tuesdays!!!
    And I totally agree with you about those GD fluorescent light bulbs. I hate those things; I can't see my knitting. And forget making any jewelry. Thanks to both our federal and state...ahem...pot-smoking government, out here in insane CA we don't have much choice. Since 2010 I've been unable to buy 100w (which they changed to 95w), and then 75w incandescent light bulbs. I've been hoarding any of the higher wattages I can get my hands on, and praying we get a Republican back in the White House so we can have some freedom of choice again with regard to light bulbs. Among other things. Ludicrous. Sorry for the rant. You just touched a nerve with the light bulb thing.


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