Saturday, September 1, 2012

Things To Do? What Things To Do?

Tonight is the last summer concert at Blossom. We are going with some friends. There is food to make.

I am shooting a wedding tomorrow. There are preparations to make.

And what do I spend a boat load of time doing this afternoon.IMG_9500A

Why taking pictures of the humming birds of course.

And I was just so frustrated with the fuzzy, woo woo quality of the photos because I was shooting through the light limiting screens that we have on the windows…..

I took the screen out. Heck, we would have taken them out in a month or so anyways. So what if Chez Knit is on the market and one of the windows in my office now looks funny.

Sacrifices must be made for art.


Much better. Hopefully no one drives by and sees me hanging out the window with my camera and long lens attached to my face.


The feeder greatly resembles O’Hare Airport on a Friday afternoon before a major storm. Everyone is trying to land. The clump of bees will get so large and vigorous that they all fall off and then fly back to start all over again.

And then there are the humming birds that are also trying to feed. Everyone gets a tad crabby and aggressive. There is much buzzing and chirping and trash talk.


I am sorry but I am totally fascinated by the tiny birdy feet.


Coming in for a landing…..




Coming in for a second try after a go around.


Success! Mid-air refueling accomplished.

I have so much to do.

And yet I cannot resist the siren call of the humming birds.


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