Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Semi-Wordless Wednesday


Matt and Hannah Stein

Aren’t they fabulous. 

I had the privilege of shooting their wedding this past Sunday. We worried all week about Hurricane Issac and rain and clouds. Could the wedding be held outside as planned? Would Issac be a spoil sport. The heavens opened on Saturday night and poured down liquid but Sunday was warm, a bit windy, a cloud or two, a sprinkle early in the day.

And the light on the beach as the sun went down was beautiful.

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  1. As the father of the bride I, naturally, like this post. But I must also say that you were an INCREDIBLE wedding photographer (having worked for one in high school/college and also hired a different one for our older daughter, I feel I am qualified to judge that). You put in one LONG day and we were really impressed. Can't wait to see all the finished product!


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