Saturday, July 23, 2011

Peace And Joy And Good Smells

The back garden is warm and drowsy today. The humidity is high and the temp is hot but not scorching as in past days.

And the smell of the lilies!


You come around the corner and the first thing that you notice is the heavy sweetness in the air. I have to honestly tell you that after 10 years in this house I had no idea that these day lilies had a scent. That is most likely because more years that I like to contemplate the invaders from the trees deer have eaten them before they have had a chance to open.

The smell is fabulous, ramped up by the heat of the afternoon and the moist, windless air.


These have no smell but are my favorite color wise. They are small and red and I love them.

The next thing you notice when standing in the garden is the drone of the bees. There are a bazzillion of them all going from flower to flower to flower. A low and steady hum of industry.


The rain last night and this morning has lowered the temperature into the high 80’s which is bearable. I might even sit in the shade on my reading bench and indulge in a book and a glass of wine come evening.


Oh how I love my garden. It brings me peace. It brings me joy.


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