Friday, July 1, 2011

7 Quick Takes (Vol 122)



I am all in a dither and confused because I was gone over the weekend and into the week. Today SHOULD be Wednesday but it is Friday and then a holiday weekend. It is going to take me until next week to be back to normal. That is always the problem with being gone for several days. It throws off my internal schedule.

It always takes me an period of time equal to the time that I was gone in order to get myself back into the swing of things. You can just imagine what that means when we take a long trip. But the reunion was only 5 days so I should be back to my “normal” self by next week.

We can only hope.

Do you have things that you ate as a child that just bring back fond memories. Memories of grandparents or summer or whatever.

For me one of those foods is Watermelon Rind pickles. They are linked with summer and hot days and skiing and the Cottage.

My mouth is watering just thinking about them.

My Grandma Pringle used to make them every summer. When we would go to Sunday lunch at their house along with the VERY. WELL. DONE. BEEF. we would have a dish of pickles. And often it would be watermelon.

I was cutting up a watermelon yesterday and all of a sudden I just knew that I had to try and make these. Mimi couldn’t find grandma’s recipe but I think I have found something comparable on the internet and am attempting them this morning. I am taking pictures and if they turn out even half way good I will post the recipe next week.

The daylilies have begun to bloom!!

I have to say that so far there hasn’t been any “nibbling”. BUT I am going out every evening and giving all the buds a short spray with the stinking vomitorium deer spray. These red ones are always the first to bloom but there are TONS of others that are just about ready to pop.

I am happy.

After much discussion with my “trainer” and talking to myself I have decided that this year P2P might be a bit more than I can take on. So, I am moving that goal to 2012. I will continue to train and build up miles that is for sure. HHBL and I will hopefully do several long rides (30+ miles) before the biking season ends.

I hated to make the decision to put off the P2P but my worst fear would be to kill myself on the ride and then kill any love I have to EVER get back on a bike. Today’s ride sort of cemented this for me. I haven’t been on a bike for 8 days and I can tell you that the ride this morning was VERY difficult for me. We did The Blueberry Hill of Exquisite Pain and I was dying.

So next year it will be P2P. Hopefully I can get started with training earlier in the season. But I will still keep everyone posted on how I am doing with my “training”. So far this summer I have logged almost 180 miles on the bike and I am slowly making progress.

We had a blast in NYC last weekend I can tell you. There will be a long post on that next week some time but I can tell you that the days were filled with

Lots of sweaty walking around the city
Multiple subway rides. Man I love riding the subway.
LOTS of food like salmon and lamb and seafood and cheese and pizza and ice cream
a boat ride
thinking my ipod was stolen (it wasn’t)

I am sorry to say that I have seen “Mama Deer” this week (or at least one of the many mama deer we have around here)……with a new set of TRIPLETS! Of the love of all that is holy can she not just have one.

One fawn.



Does she have to be the over achiever of the rats with hooves deer world.

And DANG IT if they aren’t just the cutest things that you have ever seen. They were jumping around in the front yard the other day. It is hard to hate them at this stage…….but I will later on I am sure.

And last but not least I found out today that I am a long time law breaker.

A repeat offender.

Who knew that I had to buy a dog registration from the county dog warden? No one tells me these things. Not the Aurora Vet when we went there (I wouldn’t take a dying animal there now but that is another story) nor our current vet.

Well I know now because they came door to door asking about it.

But now we are all square with the local authorities. And Max has one more tag to add to his collar and make noise when he moves.

And the dog warden won’t be putting my picture up on the post office wall.

I can rest easy.

At the cost of $24….cash or check please.


  1. Love that you call deer rats with hooves.

  2. if you've logged 180 miles on your bike this year, that's about 177 miles more than me, so you're good. It's still cool that you're doing this.

    Your trip looks like so much fun. Looking forward to hearing about it. I love NYC, but have only been there twice in my life.

    and the daylilies are gorgeous. I love them. Maybe I will put some in this year, I have a bed that needs to be redone.

  3. We're kind of behind on keeping up with our town on dog tags too... oops...

  4. Totally beautiful lilies!! Our Chucky is wearing many tags - the noise is how we find him... And I think they found me because I paid up - now I have jury duty for the next two months...


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