Friday, July 15, 2011

7 Quick Takes (Vol 124)


Well another week has flown by. And we are again met at the crossroads of 7 Quick Takes. So, after reading my heavily Harry Potter weighted blather be sure to click on the picture above to be whisked, at the speed of  in J.K.Rowling’s ever increasing bank balance, over to Conversion Diary.

And now on to the blathering.

It has been a “short” week here at Chez Knit due to the wedding last weekend and returning home on Monday. That means that I have been all discombobulated and haven’t truly known what day it was. And then going to a movie at midnight has just cemented my befuddlement.

Consequently there has been absolutely no bike riding this week and that is bad, bad, bad. I am going to pay for it I am sure the next time I mount Hi Ho Silver.

Things don’t change all that much in a year and a half do they.

This is my HP girls waiting for the start of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.


And these are the same girls last night at about 11p. We all love our electronics.

Sorry for the poor quality of the second picture. I did not bring the big girl camera last night.


There is no way to make me look good after about 9p so I am just going to give up the attempt and go with the flow. Please ignore my gigantic moon face in the bottom of the pictures.

There was MUCH sobbing at various points in the movie.



And not just by me I might add (although I did my fair share). There were a great deal of crying noises that could be heard emanating from all over. The girl sitting behind us was particularly vociferous. And just at one of the quietest and most gut wrenching points in the movie someone decides that they are going to blow their nose.

Loudly and wetly.



And of course I took along some knitting to while away the hours before the movie started. Did you ever doubt this?

These are “Fawkes”. The yarn is Malabrigo Sock so my tootsies will be happy. Can I tell you how much I love Malabrigo. LoveLoveLove. This is actually the second sock and I am sure that I will finish them up today as I only have one more pattern repeat before the toe.

Of course it is supposed to be HOT next week and I won’t actually be wearing these for, oh I would think, another 6 weeks at least but I can anticipate.

And Bonnie….they are PINK!

Well, this week I finally decided that I needed to find out what Pinterest is all about. I REALLY needed something else to waste my time explore on the internet.

I think I am liking it but I am still just learning to navigate around and “pin” and all that jazz. The jury is still out on whether it will be come a vital and life giving force in my internet ramblings.

Do you use Pinterest and if so how do you like it? Come and find me. Show me what to do.

And last but certainly not least in my mind. A reminder to pray for our service men and women who are serving in Afghanistan. My good friend Susan’s son Matt is currently serving in Afghanistan. This was produced by the chaplain.

Thank you so much Matt for your service. Stay safe!


  1. #7. Amen. Thank you Matt.

    No cow? Really? :(

  2. I Lovelovelove your sock! Yummy! Going to see HP this weekend and will especially think of you during the emotional bits...
    My thanks to Matt, too!
    Surely our soldiers could defeat Voldemort!

  3. My youngest daughter and her hubby dressed up as Fenrir and Bellatrix for the HP movie...I posted a photo of them at my blog.

  4. oh, dear ... sobbing in the movie theater.

    i sobbed when i read the book, the movie just may push me over the edge;))))

  5. I'm jealous of those that can attend the midnight shows. I really wish I could do the midnight showings but I know me and I know I would be sitting there, head back and sound asleep (with a possible snore or two) probably 30 minutes into the movie, no matter how hard I tried to stay awake. I did go to see it on Saturday morning with my sister...I LOVED IT! Right down to the last minute.


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