Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dang It! Where Is It?

I am searching, searching, searching for something.

I know that it is there somewhere.

In a box in the basement. Packed safely away.

And I cannot remember which box I put it in. And for some reason I didn’t write on the box where it is located.

And I am very, very frustrated.



And in these times my perfectionism rears it’s ugly head. And I rail at the sky and say,

I NEVER lose things! Where is it? It cannot be too far away! I NEED to find it. Why didn’t I mark that box better. What was I thinking. I have failed.

And it is making me crazy. Or more off kilter than I usually am.

So I have taken a break in order to complain about it to you.

And I have taken a bit of time to ask the Lord to help me find this item.

Because I really, really need to find it.

Do you know where it is?


Neither do I.


  1. It will be in the very last place you look...that is how it always works for me. :o)

  2. Debbie W... Your comment reminds me of a George Carlin routine. He had said that "of course it's the last place you looked! Who would continue looking after they found it??" (He, of course, probably added a expletive or two to the comment.)


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