Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Caleb and Rachel

HHBL and I had the privilege this past weekend to attend the wedding of TFD and School Marm, otherwise known as Caleb and Rachel (Caleb being TSiL’s twin brother).

Oh did we have fun!

Because we are sort of family, in the wider scheme and scope of things, we were invited to the Family/Rehearsal dinner.


There was Indian food. Oh the joy and rapture of multiple pieces of Naan. And Chicken Tikka Massala!


There were various games to be played both before the dinner and after.


The Bride and Groom


Games were handled by Danny and Andrea, oldest brother and sis-in-law of TFD. Danny cannot lead games unless he is wearing his “special” games hat.

And then the next day, Sunday, we had the joy of sharing in their wedding. I need to tell you a bit about TFD and School Marm. They met in 4th grade….but she liked TSiL first. However, having been rebuffed she turned her affections to TFD and they never waivered, even though MOST of the years that they have known each other TFD has been in Pakistan or boarding school as his parents are medical missionaries in Abbottabad, Pakistan.


I have to say that this is the first wedding that I have ever been to where you were encouraged to take a bottle of water and a fan before sitting down. They were both needed as the temp was in the 90’s and the humidity was something I still don’t like to think about.


TMO’s assigned task was to escort Grandma Loretta down the aisle and seat her.


The flower girls took their jobs VERY seriously. Of course it didn’t hurt that TFD had candy for them at the end if they completed their tasks.

And without further commentary….the wedding.



Mr. and Mrs. Caleb Cutherell




Hmmmm, what are they doing to the bride’s dress?

Ummmmm, they might be fixing it because. Because….

Oh FINE! Because someone, namely ME, stepped on her train as she went by and some stitches got popped.

It went sort of like this…

Me taking pictures of TMO and TSiL. Juggling stuff. Take a step back.

Pop! Pop! PoppityPoppityPoppity POP!

Gasps and groans from the crowd.

I had no clue that as I was taking a step back Rachel was zooming by me. Thankfully nothing actually ripped and stitches just popped. She still loves me, thinks the whole incident is funny and finished the whole episode by saying (after the dress was successfully fixed)…

I don’t need the dress anymore. I have the MAN!

Yes she does.


Instead of champagne we toasted the couple with ice cream. That is just so Rachel. I like the way that girl thinks!


Instead of cake we had PIE! I told you I liked this girl. Especially since there was Key Lime Pie.

Oh be still my beating heart.


And as the sun went down and the moon rose we danced, or some of us did, and talked and ate and had a lovely time.

Just lovely.

Welcome to married life Caleb and Rachel. Thank you for including us in your special weekend.


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